10 Best Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools

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10 Best Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools

The variety of mobile platforms is increasing on a regular basis. This is exactly the reason as to why the developers are finding it quite difficult to provide their apps in the consumable form as the users might be on quite different platforms. In this difficult situation, it is the Cross-Platform Mobile Development tools that come to the rescue of the developers.

These tools play a vital role in saving time as well as effort. So, to make it easier for the developers, here we have listed the ten best cross-platform mobile application development tools for getting the best possible results in this regard.

Best cross-platform mobile application development tools


Appcelerator plays a vital role in helping the developers to build native apps by simply deploying just a single JavaScript codebase. It also helps in providing the web content in a native application, thereby making sure that the code is not wrapped around a web container.

It is certainly one of the best cross-platform mobile development tools that helps in the rapid development of applications. A prototype can also be built with much less time as well as effort for the evaluation of user interaction with UI.

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a leading cross-platform mobile web app development framework that can be used to build efficient as well as effective applications by making use of hardware acceleration techniques.

With the help of Sencha, some top quality apps can be built with very well tested along with tightly integrated UI components as well as libraries. It is also capable of building up large business applications and maintaining them with ease.


PhoneGap is a very good option for open-source cross-platform mobile development that is leveraging on the web technologies that are already existing. It is particularly very well suited for mobile applications that do not make substantial use of the native features of the phone.

PhoneGap actually packages all of the applications within a native application container that allows JavaScript to very easily access device-level APIs in the same way as the normal apps do.


Xamarin offers a lot of help to the developers in the building up of native apps for multiple platforms using a shared C# codebase. With the help of Xamarin, the developers can do almost anything in C# that can be done Objective-C, Swift or Java unlike what is commonly believed. This tool allows the developers to use the same IDE, language, and APIs everywhere. Moreover, Git integration is built directly into the Xamarin Studio.

Codename One

Codename One another of the very good cross-device platform featuring very simple usability, rapid application development, deep integration with the native platform with possible native speeds.

At the time when the developers are required to code in Java, the application can also be tested as well as verified with the simulator devices and automation tools of Codename One.


RhoMobile Suite is a multi-platform app development tool based on the Rhodes framework. It is basically a set of tools for the easy development of data-centered, multi-platform, native mobile consumer and enterprise applications.

By making use of the RhoStudio which is basically a free Eclipse plugin, the developers can very easily generate, develop, debug and test applications without requiring no other hardware or emulator.

Kony Mobile Platform

Kony Mobility Platform is an integrated, cross-platform mobile app development platform that can be used for the building up of universal mobile applications. this offers automatic coding features, API connections, app preview facility and a number of other useful features that are of great help to the developers.


Monocross is an open-source cross-platform mobile development framework that lets the developers create excellent applications for iPads and iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows Phone and Webkit-enabled devices. This framework makes use of C#, Microsoft .NET as well as the Mono framework for the development of multi-platform supported apps.


Convertigo is another of the very good open-source cross-platform mobile development software that provides a mobile enterprise application platform that consists of a number of solutions such as Convertigo Studio, Convertigo Cloud, Convertigo Mobilizer and Convertigo Server which helps the developers to a great extent in completing their task.

Moreover, Convertigo allows the developers to create business-driven events that are computed for notifying the users, even if the device is in standby mode and hence an added advantage.


NativeScript is another of the very good and useful open-source platform for the building up of native cross-platform mobile applications. This tool necessarily provides developers all of the native APIs in JavaScript of most of the mobile platforms.

This helps the developers to very easily and conveniently reuse all the plugins that are existing from npm directly in NativeScript projects thereby making it quite easier to extend the features of the applications.

Now, when the developers have a clear idea as to what are the best cross-platform app development tools, they can easily and conveniently proceed with their work.

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