10 Creative Ideas to Promote Your Brand Using Pinterest

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10 Creative Ideas to Promote Your Brand Using Pinterest

There were times when if you had to Promote your brand, you had to place an advertisement in a magazine, the yellow pages or the local newspaper and then people would call you or drop in to know more. Today there are quite a few marketing channels that you can use to market your brand and make your mark far and wide. There are a lot of choices and options provided by multimedia and multiple social networks that are giving you the freedom, to sift through the options today in the marketing minefield.

The web is indeed a crowded place with 550 million-plus websites online, one needs to be innovative ready to break new grounds. There are many creative ways to Promote Your Brand but Pinterest is rapidly gaining ground among all digital platforms

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is a rapidly emanating visually-oriented social network meant for creative marketers who know how to use this platform to upscale their business. Online stores have recognized that Pinterest is driving more sales than Facebook. Some of the creative marketers come from retail, fashion and other B2C (Business to Consumer) industries and they are often touted as the environments for creative marketing spirits to skyrocket.

But who said creativity is limited to just fashionistas, designers or B2C marketers?
Let us analyze how to market on Pinterest and also how a B2B or B2C business gets creative on Pinterest and becomes a brand –

10 Creative and Simple Ideas to market on Pinterest

1. Pin your Videos

If you are a company that deals with machinery or products and marketing them online through videos and marketing your products and services which could either be a “How To” educational video or guidelines on using the product etc, then you need to pin the video on Pinterest.

Companies generally upload all their videos to YouTube and their own website. Earlier these videos could be pinned directly from YouTube to Pinterest but now Pinterest has now provided the facility to pin a Vimeo video. This is one of the prime ways to promote your business.

2. Design a “Behind the Scenes” Board

You can now personalize your company by revealing behind the scenes activities. Employees now can generally share on their boards, photos of themselves and friends to attract attention. This tactic further spreads the sharing of your company brand online as it serves as an employee sourced marketing leverage.

3. Actualize and implement an “Events” Pinboard

When you plan to run an event for your business whether it is annual, regular or a “one-off” event, you can create a board to highlight the no of attendees and speakers, which further creates a crowdsource for your marketing.

The attendees will repin and share their photos when you let them know with a follow-up email post-event or simply “Tweet” them and link to the site. This technique is one of the best ways to market your events and you can bear witness the virality of your content and brand.

4. Highlight other’s creative talents and businesses on Pinterest

You as a company can network in a way that promotes its members’ creative talents and you can use Pinterest to showcase their work. This approach undoubtedly will assist your business and also markets its members.

5. A Book Cover Pinterest Board can create wonders

Many astute and wise marketers have identified the power of an ebook irrespective of who you are selling it to, it could be either the B2C or B2B market categories. Upload images of the front page of your eBook (or book) to Pinterest and watch how people will flock to see what it is all about.

These pins will link to the Amazon store by pinning from the Amazon Kindle page or if download option to your eBook is available then you can pin the image from that web page.

6. Pin visuals from your Blog Posts

Pin the images you use in your blog articles to Pinterest. Let the images be compelling and engaging that will make people curious about the post content on Pinterest and makes it easy to direct the audience to your article. The trick lies in spreading the links and  Promote Your Brand on Pinterest.

7. The Visual Viral Power of Infographics is exactly what you need

Infographics have become popular and almost all industries or businesses are using infographics to market themselves. Infographics are very popular in certain industries, like technical and data-rich categories of business. All you need to do is take images that are relevant and use them to market yourself.

8. Create Staff Boards to take your business one notch up

You can further humanize your business by taking photos of staff members and sharing their bio’s. This will not only highlight the skills and expertise of your team but also take your business to new heights.

9. Use Pinterest boards to highlight your Products and Services

Whether you are a service-based or product-based business, you use images to represent yourself, this is normally done through charts, graphs or icons.

Look out for images that represent those products and pin them to Pinterest. For instance, a web designing company could pin its portfolio sharing web designs and logos.

10. Slideshare Presentations Boards are becoming trendsetters too

Many B2B and professional services companies from the information industry background use Powerpoint presentations to market themselves. What they also can do is:

  • Uploaded to Slideshare
  • Included in a Blog article and embedded
  • Promote Your Brand Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Pinned to Pinterest

Using Pinterest for your business marketing strategy will certainly help your business in the long run. A combination of the above-mentioned strategies, helpful content, SEO and consistent posting can appeal to the shoppers and doers in your audience.

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