Top 7 Benefits of using Flutter Framework for Mobile App Development

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Top 7 Benefits of using Flutter Framework for Mobile App Development

We are pretty sure that when it comes to using new tools and technologies, you can easily get anxious and overwhelmed at the same time. And when it comes to the flutter for web development, it has become a popular choice amongst developers across the globe. It has all the essential elements, from cross-platform and native development models to building robust applications in less time. And today, the majority of the business organizations are on the lookout to hire flutter app developers who can build applications for them that will cater to a huge audience base. You can easily choose a firm that is not only affordable but will also fit your company’s needs. Another surprising fact about flutter for web development is that as per the data reported by Statista, flutter is the second-most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by developers across the globe.   

So, before we get into the depth of the top 7 benefits of using flutter in android and for web development, let’s understand what flutter is.  

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Flutter for web development can be defined as a solution to the long-term problems faced by most developers. In the earlier days, when someone wanted to build an app and wanted to put their product in the App Store and Play lay Play Store both, they had to put in double efforts for creating 2 different variations of the app. And as a result, they were also supposed to maintain 2 separate codebases. And if by any chance, the application looked incorrect, it would mean that the developers did not fit the UI well to all the possible screen sizes. Well, flutter has turned out to be a big savior and has been playing an integral role in solving all of these problems mentioned above. Therefore, flutter is a framework that has been specially created to solve these problems. It is also used as a development software that offers a possibility to make the functioning of the cross-platform applications smooth. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the essential benefits of using flutter mobile app development.  

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The first and foremost benefit of using flutter is that it offers a comprehensive system that can be seamlessly used to design and develop on almost every machine type. It will send a request from the device a blank window, it does not matter whether it is iOS, Android, Web, or mobile. Once that is done successfully, Flutter will carefully render all the components of the UI that are created and painted by the tool kit. This means that there is no need for the developer to create separate application versions for Android, iOS, and web anymore. Flutter is a framework that enables the developer to seamlessly create cross-platform apps that can be easily specified on different smartphones. As a leading web and mobile software development company, we are even curious about the new and the latest trends in the world of technology.  

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Another significant benefit of using flutter in android is that it reduces the overall time and even cuts down on the cost of operating resources. Developers using flutter are supposed to create only 1 codebase, and this means that they will invest less time in testing the system. Now flutter also offers a hot reload feature. Using this you can easily review changes in the application quickly, without wasting even a second. With a flutter, there is no need for the product teams to worry about the specifications of the Flutter framework, and they can easily concentrate on the project itself. Developers can also skip some steps that are extremely time-consuming in the application development when using flutter. Flutter is a framework that offers a plethora of widgets that can also stimulate the overall behavior of different design languages.   

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Using flutter in android enables you to build a native smartphone application that is as simple as putting the Lego blocks together. When you are planning to design a mobile-based application with flutter, you’re supposed to put together all the customized widgets together. So, piece by piece, the developer can simply create an app the way he likes it. This also includes the functionality aspect. Moreover, using flutter in android is proper, especially when you’re planning to create a simple application or if you’re supposed to make an app quickly, or have a tight budget. As you know, the core of all the future applications is UI, you must aim to develop that with the flutter framework.   

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Once you start your technical journey with the flutter app development, you will get a cross-platform application for every smartphone be it Android or iOS. Updating and working on such apps is fun because the developer can easily deploy the code to different devices and platforms without the actual need of rewriting this code or even learn new technologies.  

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When using flutter in android, the hot reloading feature will seamlessly match the nature of your flutter well and this is also one of the important benefits of using flutter for web development and also for streamlined cross-platform development. Using this comprehensive feature, the developers can easily and quickly make changes that they can combine with the updated elements together. Such a well-planned approach easily streamlines the development process and makes bug fixing easier. 

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Flutter functions quickly and efficiently. It is a very stable platform with a wide range of followers so it will not be a problem to find developers. The flutter framework is well-known for its excellent quality and some of the leading companies that are using this technology efficiently are- Google Ads, My Leaf, Alibaba, and Apple Tree. Flutter for web development is considered to be valuable for business because of the UI of its application, which is developed with Flutter, and it does not change from one platform to another, thereby saving a lot of time.

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When you’re using the android studio and working on the development of the android application at the same time you will see that the testing process will take more than 1 minute. So, it will consume your time even if you plan to make small tweaks. Well, the android studio has a feature of layout preview but it has limitations. The flutter in android comes with the feature of hot reload and it will allow the developers to see the changes without even losing the current application. This is the main on why the overall development speed has increased. Flutter is a framework using which you can develop an application for mobile, desktop, and web so that the overall development time is reduced.  

Final Words

These are the top 7 benefits of using flutter in android. Flutter cannot be compared with any cross-platform frameworks as it is one of its kind. As already mentioned, the above flutter is a framework that enables you to use the same codebase for both Android and iOS applications. It will also save your time and resources, that is why most people across the globe are opting for Flutter. The widgets are only part of the application, so you will not even face any compatibility issues. To add to this, flutter enables the developers to build a cross-platform application seamlessly by just using a single language dart. The application developed using flutter will run natively on these platforms. If you’re interested in knowing more about the functionalities of the flutter, you can get in touch with ErisnTech, one of our developers will guide you through the entire process. Kickstart your flutter journey with us today!


Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Fosters Cross-Platform Development
  2. Easier and Faster Development
  3. Simple to Use
  4. No Need to Write the Code Across all the Platforms
  5. The Advent of the Hot-Reloading Feature
  6. Adds Value to the Business
  7. Reduced Development Time

Flutter is a single code base platform, and when you create an application in Flutter, It is supported for both It is a single code base platform, and when you create an application with the help of Flutter, it is supported by both the Android and iOS platforms. This saves a lot of time and money for entrepreneurs looking to introduce their business to the market quickly.platforms. 

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