7 Alarming Signs Your Small Business Needs a Digital Marketing Makeover

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7 Alarming Signs Your Small Business Needs a Digital Marketing Makeover

Some small businesses will thrive while some will fail miserably. As per the data reported by the Small Business Administration, nearly 20% of the businesses fail during the first 2 years. This means that 1 in 5 small businesses will fail!

Well, not only big businesses and brands are relying on digital agency marketing, but even small businesses are benefiting from it significantly. Perhaps, one of the primary reasons for using digital marketing is that it plays a vital role in creating brand awareness thereby driving customers.

Digital Marketing is very creative and it will help your business to keep up with the brands.

Before we get into the depth of the top 7 alarming signs that why your small business needs the support of a digital marketing agency, let’s take a look at a few stats.

  1. Nearly 72% of the users actively use Facebook.
  2. While 25% of the adult users make use of LinkedIn.
  3. 35% and 28% of the total population use Pinterest and Instagram respectively.
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These stats are sufficient to give you an insight into how today people are actively using social media platforms for making their purchases. Therefore, if you’re a small business, you must get in touch with online advertising companies to reach out to your target audience easily.

On one hand, there are companies who are not ready to invest in building and strengthening their digital marketing strategies, while on the other hand there are small businesses who are not even aware of the warning signs that they need to consider in order to get in touch with a digital marketing agency

We have curated a comprehensive article for you, focusing on the need for your small business to connect with a digital marketing agency today.

7 Alarming Signs Your Small Business Needs a Digital Marketing Makeover

user experience testing

Almost all businesses have a website. But how well that website function is a matter of concern. Today everyone has easy access to the internet and even the customers are getting used to the seamless omnichannel experiences.

As an entrepreneur, take out some time and try to study and test your online experience. And ask yourself questions such as What happens if a new user lands on your website via an ad? Or is the landing page properly optimized?

Keep dividing the questions further for better understanding and comprehension. A little survey like this will help you to recognize and monitor the loopholes in your overall digital experience, and you’re not even alone.

Today, there are many businesses and companies who are finding it difficult to keep a balance between the increasing demands from their customers via different channel interactions. A digital marketing agency can help you build the right customer journey to match your needs.

However, this approach will not be the same for every business, so you must work with a team that will offer a customized approach

marketing implementation

There can be many situations where a digital marketing strategy is born out of a necessity, and over a period of time, new team members and strategies are added to help out.

Moreover, there is a great probability that in the haphazard approach, your marketing strategy can easily become weak and disjointed. On one hand, you might be spending hefty amounts of money on running Google Ads and on the other hand, running a totally different social media campaign.

Well, the person responsible for your marketing might not be communicating with the sales team, and that is why your proper message is not being sent across to the audience.

All this fiasco will lead to the delivery of unclear and cloudy messages, and you’ll end up wasting a lot of money on your overlapped marketing strategy.

Instead, you should join hands with an online advertising agency and get all your marketing strategies aligned in a proper sequence. The agency will ensure that all the social media platforms are well fed with proper information and the end result will be beyond your expectations.

For instance, you are planning for an upcoming event so your Google ad strategy, social media strategy, and direct mail campaign should be in proper sync with one another. And a digital agency for small businesses will help you in achieving this.

increase your sales

There could be a plethora of reasons why your website is getting a huge number of followers but the sales are still low. One of the primary reasons could be the poor design of your website or maybe you’re not using smart pricing tactics to promote sales. 

Another potential reason could be the checkout process which is very slow or your website might not be ranking for the keywords that are relevant to your business.  

Sometimes even the information that you share on the web pages of your company can impact the overall sales score. To add to this, another cause could be the lack of a unique value proposition that separates your business from your competitors.   

Or maybe you’re not focusing on the benefits of your products properly. To sum up, people may find your website unprofessional or totally unworthy.  

As already said, the reasons why visitors may not end up buying your products are endless despite the fact that you receive a lot of visits.  

However, to deal with this problem professionally it is important that you should seek help and guidance from a digital marketing company for small businesses and let them take care of your website for better results.

increase organic traffic to website

There can be a possibility that you started your professional journey by scoring a top-most position in the market, or maybe you’ve always landed somewhere in between especially when it came to the implementation of effective digital marketing strategies.  

If you find that you’re losing your grip on the market and your potential target audience, then it’s time to seek professional help from an online advertising agency.  

Listed below are the potential causes that can lead to the loss of traction in the market- 

  • You’re Using Outdated and Old Marketing Tactics – Digital marketing is continuously evolving and thriving. What practice was relevant 5 years ago might not be relevant in today’s time. So, make sure that you’re using the latest strategies.
  • You’re Not Using the New Social Media Channels – Digital marketing is not only evolving but it is also becoming holistic. If you’re not using the right social media channel, there is a high possibility of losing your potential customers. Now you can easily pair up your simple Google Ad campaign along with social media campaign and reach out to your potential customers.
  • You’ve Lost Touch with Your Audience – Customers are relying a lot on highly targeted messages. As a business, if you’re not properly utilizing the power of the customer data, you may experience a downfall. But with digital marketing, you can easily rely on a targeted approach and connect with potential loyal customers easily. Therefore, with a digital marketing agency, you can easily diagnose the problem of your sudden decline, and work on strategies to create a difference.
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In today’s scenario, for most businesses, it has become easy to seek help from a digital marketing agency, by hiring a full-time marketing team or a manager. This becomes more evident in cases that have a significant amount of budget for their employees.

But if you have a smaller team, it might not be feasible to work with the entire team. Therefore, this will enable you to invest as per your budget, so that you’re not putting anyone’s salary at risk.

While some companies might depend on a hybrid model. Therefore, you may have a dedicated team member who is solely responsible for the digital marketing segment. But at some point, in time it can become overwhelming.

In cases like these, you can easily outsource some of the workload, and let us tell you that it can be a real game-changer. Outsourcing help from outside will also make the way for fresh and creative ideas thereby allowing you to compete with your counterparts easily.

best digital ad agencies

In 2022, if you don’t have a proper and a well-defined digital marketing campaign then you need to have one. Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, the world has shifted towards digital marketing.

But for many companies investing in a digital marketing strategy could be due to the following reasons-

  • You Have Not Seen the Importance Until Now – Till 2020, the world lived with a perception that in-person interactions can go a long way. But last year, it turned out to be a wake-up call to the need to invest in a digital marketing strategy.
  • You Don’t Have a Dedicated Budget for Digital Marketing Strategies – Another myth that has been around the corner is that the preparation and the implementation of a digital marketing strategy involves a lot of money. But that’s not the case.

In order to survive in the competitive world today, you should definitely invest in a comprehensive and well-planned digital marketing strategy so that you can create better user digital experiences. So, get in touch with a digital marketing agency today!

online money making opportunities

If you feel that you’re spending a hefty amount of money on your digital marketing strategy each month and still not getting a return on your investment, then now is the time to seek help from a digital marketing agency.

It has been observed that companies and businesses waste their money on campaigns that are poorly optimized. If you don’t pay close attention, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time. And this is especially true if you’re working in a competitive or crowded market.

As a digital marketer, you should aim to optimize every single aspect of your digital marketing campaign right from the social media ads to Google display.

This is a healthy habit and it will also make you a pro. Always remember that a professional digital marketer is well-equipped with the various metrics of analytics, which means they know how to improve your campaign strategy.

Final Words

These are the 7 alarming signs triggering the fact that your small business needs a digital marketing agency. Furthermore, by seeking help from an online advertising agency you can rule the digital world. We are pretty sure that you want your small business to grow and prosper for years to come. And to make your business last long it is imperative that your business should get in touch with a digital marketing agency.

You can connect with ErisnTech today and our team of professional digital marketers will help you overcome all the hurdles and the problems. Book a 30-minute consultation with us for free!


Frequently Asked Questions

After 2020 Pandemic, Digital Marketing is highly important because it connects your business with its customers and new customers who are looking for your services, And the advantage of Digital Marketing is effective in all industries

Digital marketing for small businesses offers many advantages over traditional advertising methods, such as print ads and direct mail, billboards, etc. Also, For Small businesses We cannot spend more money for traditional marketing, So we can switch to digital marketing which allows business to empower the customer to do business with that brand on their terms.

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