By: Anil Panghal
On: 22-January-2020

7 Ways to Use Google Trends for SEO & Content Marketing

Google Trends plays a vital role in the formation of appropriate strategies for SEO as well as content marketing. Thus, it is to be kept in mind that the best use of Google Trends is to be made in case of SEO as well as content marketing so as to come up with the best possible results in the marketing campaign. Each of the SEO marketing company tries its level best to make the best use of Google Trends. Now, here we have listed seven easy ways to use Google Trends for SEO and content marketing.

seven easy ways to use Google Trends for SEO and content marketing.

1. Finding of Topics that are Relevant and Trending

Coming up with fresh topics can be quite a difficult task after a certain point in time. But with the help of Google Trends, you can very easily and conveniently find the right topic that offers context as well as meaning through the use of visual charts.

The finding of the appropriate topics to write about plays a crucial role in producing content that will necessarily generate more traffic on your website. You just need to go to the Google Trends dashboard and find stories that are trending at present.

You can also make use of the filters to look for stories on a particular category or niche that is perfectly relevant to your target audience.

2. Researching on the Long Tail Keywords

It might be a tiresome as well as the cumbersome task to rank at top of the results pages of the search engine for the keywords that are highly competitive in nature. But you can certainly keep your focus on features at the top of the search results by the selection of an appropriate a long-tail version of a high-traffic search query.

For example, if your blog falls under the technical category, you can simply go to Google Trends where you will be getting detailed information such as the top questions asked on Google, the most searched news on the technical niche that your blog deals and a number of other helpful information which will be an excellent benefit for the content marketing service provider as well as the SEO marketing company.

3. Receiving Advanced Insights on Some of the Specific Search Options

Google Trends helps you in getting advanced insights on some of the specific search options which are of great benefit. Google Trends provides users with five options that allow them to gather advanced details about the target keywords and search queries.
1. Web Search
2. Image Search
3. YouTube Search
4. News Search
5. Google Shopping

Now, each of these options allows the users to check the search trends for a specific section of any particular niche or market. For instance, if the YouTube option is selected, it will highlight the search trend of the target keyword of the users among the audience of YouTube.

4. Planning and Creating a Publishing Schedule

The planning and creation of a publishing schedule are of utmost importance in SEO as well as content marketing. Each of the content marketing service providers as well as the SEO marketing company very well knows that it is required to publish the right piece of content and that too at the right time ss as to get the maximum benefit.

Google Trends in this regard, essentially contains data that can provide the users with information about the exact kind of posts that are generating a buzz in recent times.

5. Implementation of Location Centric Targeting

Google Trends is primarily utilized for the purpose of fulfilling all keyword related requirements, but it necessarily delivers the best results when the users include geographical territories in the process. Google Trends makes use of the geo-specific interest levels for the target keyword or search queries.

The popularity of keyword information by location is considered extremely important for content creation, SEO, link building, pay per click and content promotion.

6. Doing Better Keyword Research

Apart from making the content creation, it also needs to offer a memorable experience to all of the readers. Along with this, the SEO guidelines also need to follow for the purpose of improving the performance of the website in search engines.

In the dashboard of Google Trends, you can find the explore button where you can check different search items and find out the exact search frequency of each thereby ensuring much better keyword research.

7. Adoption of Google Trends for Visual Content

Finally, you can make use of Google Trends for visual content in the blog posts of your website. It helps in the optimization of the title as well as the video description which plays a crucial role in benefitting both SEO and content marketing.

Now, when you follow the above-mentioned ways and use Google Trends, you can be assured of getting the desired results for your SEO and content marketing. This is precisely the reason as to why all content marketing service provider and SEO marketing company makes the most of Google Trends in their work.