Top 10 Best PHP Frameworks in 2019

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Top 10 Best PHP Frameworks in 2019

PHP, Hypertext Pre-processor, is the most commonly used programming technique to build websites. Almost 80 % of the websites in the world are backed by PHP as they provide more flexible options compared to others and are packed with higher security. Since the evolution of the internet, there has been a tremendous increase in the PHP frameworks which leads the users with a doubt to choose the best PHP framework among them.

So we thought to reduce your burden and simplify the things to make you easily pick the best PHP framework by including all the popular PHP frameworks on a single page.

If you are looking for the best PHP web framework, please go through the top list of PHP frameworks carefully and compare them with your requirements. The list includes all the available and popular PHP web frameworks in 2019.

Most Popular PHP Web Frameworks List

1 .  Laravel

Laravel is the most popular and widely used PHP framework across the globe among the developers even though it was released in 2011. It is the developers’ first choice because it is easy to use and has a light-weight templating engine known as “Blade”.

Features of Laravel php framework

The following are the points which describe the highlights of Laravel PHP:

  • Easy to use and available for free
  • Lavarel is based on the Advanced MVC frameworks PHP
  • The light-weight feature makes it the developer’s most friendly PHP framework
  • It includes the powerful query library
  • Installation and operations of Lavarel are comparatively easier than the other PHP frameworks

2 . Symfony

Symfony was launched in the year 2005 and has been in the list of best PHP frameworks since then. It is one of the major sophisticated PHP frameworks which include extensive PHP MVC framework features. It is also been used in the popular CMS platform “Drupal” because of its advanced features.

Features of Symfony framework

  • Packed with advanced features compared to other PHP frameworks
  • Backed with an enormous community support
  • Easy to install, execute, operate and test
  • Suitable for larger projects as it provides a simplified end in such cases

3 . CodeIgnitor

CodeIgnitor is the most light-weight PHP framework available in the market sizing around 2 MB. It is the best suitable framework for beginners who are curious to learn new things in program designing and app development. Apart from that, CodeIgnitor is user-friendly and is easy to understand. It was launched in the year 2006.

Features of CodeIgnitor framework

  • It is based on a flexible MVC PHP framework
  • Light in weight including the documentation
  • Suitable for beginners and learners
  • Contains built-in security tools
  • Contains modern web features can be understood easily
  • Provides a simple solution even to the complex inputs and requirements

4 . Yii 2

Yii 2 is one of the most highly optimized PHP frameworks available in 2019. It is most commonly adopted by the developers for creating high-performance web applications. It possesses the features of fast authentication, scaffolding, caching, testing and other operations.

Features of Yii 2 framework

  • The configuration is simpler compared to other PHP frameworks
  • The Yii 2 PHP framework is highly secure
  • Yii 2 supports AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  • It is the simplest and high-performance PHP framework
  • Suitable for almost all kinds of web apps

5. Cake PHP

As the name it has, the Cake PHP framework is liked by most of the developers because it delivers impressive websites. The toolkit is simple yet loaded with all the important tools to design a great website. It has simple tools to edit or upload data in the CRUD format. This means you can create, read, update and delete the data as per the users’ requirements.

Features of Cake PHP framework

  • Easy to install and use
  • Includes all the commercial security prospects like SQL, injection prevention, input validation, cross-site request forgery, and scripting protection
  • Provides flexible options to the users to the database access layer
  • It is one of the simple and clean MVC PHP frameworks

6. Zend Framework

This is the perfect PHP backend framework for building enterprise-level web applications. Due to flexibility and robust characteristics, it has been the first choice and the most used PHP framework when it comes to developing complex dynamic web projects. When considering the debugging and editing options, Zend stands on the first position in the list of PHP frameworks.

Features of Zend Framework

  • It can read and write multiple languages
  • It is also one of the best PHP frameworks to facilitate SEO
  • The Zend PHP framework is easy to install and access with appropriate tools
  • The components in the PHP framework library are light-weight

7. Phalcon

Phalcon stands apart when it comes to developing the websites through PHP frameworks in C and C++ languages. It provides users with unique coding features that allow them to mend the outputs as per their specific requirements. Though being simple, Phalcon PHP frameworks provide several highly advanced features.

Features of Phalcon framework

  • Phalcon delivers fast web performances
  • Phalcon is highly secure and makes its way to the top of the list of PHP frameworks when it comes to the security parameter
  • It provides advanced options like asset management, universal auto-loader, performs the fast caching process, etc.
  • The Phalcon PHP framework in light in weight and has lower memory consumption compared to other PHP frameworks

8. Slim Framework

When it comes to dynamic web APIs, the Slim PHP framework is the developers’ first choice. It stands on the top of the list of PHP framework when it comes to handling dynamic projects. It comes under the category of PHP micro-framework. The micro is related to the design constraint which is comparatively smaller than any other PHP framework.

Features of Slim Framework

  • Ideal to develop dynamic and RESTful web APIs and services
  • It provides options like URL routing, client-side HTTP caching, session and cookie encryption and supports flash messages across HTTP requests
  • Though it has light-weight, it provides broad options to the users
  • It possesses easy template rendering feature
  • The documentation part is well organized

9 .  FuelPHP

It is one of the flexible, simple and community-driven PHP frameworks with easy coding syntax. The FuelPHP framework possesses advanced functionalities as well. It is also considered as the portable framework that allows the users to work on any server.

Features of FuelPHP PHP framework

  • Possess advanced authenticating packages
  • IT has been built with a modular structure to access the tools easily
  • FuelPHP possesses high and enhanced security features
  • The FuelPHP is tremendously fast in execution and loading

10.  PHPixie

This is the newly launched framework launched in 2012 and has made it to the list of best PHP frameworks. It is best suitable to build read-only websites. The PHPixie officials have launched a tutorial video saying that one can learn the PHP backend framework developing in just 30 minutes. It is also considered as the most independent PHP framework as it requires the least dependencies. It is also one of the lightweight MVC PHP frameworks.

Features of PHPixie php framework

  • PHPixie is equipped with an advanced routing system
  • Possess solid security parameter
  • It is suitable to build social networking websites, web applications, and web development services
  • Other main features of PHPixie PHP framework include HMVC architecture, standard ORM (object-relational mapping), input validation, authorization capabilities, authentication, and fast caching


This explanation regarding the best available top 10 PHP frameworks in 2019 may conclude you to pick the best suitable one for you. We would suggest you make a note of the requirements and compare them with the given explanation. This will surely make it easier to pick up the best PHP framework you need!

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