Services for Branding and Promotion


Facebook Branding

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers the ultimate platform for promoting your business. Take advantage of Facebook’s huge audience to spread the word about your brand and grow your business.


Youtube Branding

Promoting your products and services through social media platforms like Youtube is a time- tested way to enhance brand awareness. Erisn’s Youtube branding services can help entice potential customers and increase sales.


Twitter Branding

Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging social media platform that serves as a remarkable platform for engaging with the target audience and promoting the brand. Our Twitter branding services can help deliver great results for your business.


Pinterest Branding

At Erisn, we have a team of specialists who use Pinterest to promote the brand’s name and attract more and more customers. Our Pinterest branding services can positively impact your business by increasing awareness and generating more leads.


Instagram Branding

Over a billion users use Instagram and using this social media platform is a powerful branding strategy that can help your business create a mark. As a leading brand promotion company, we offer Instagram branding services to enhance the outreach of your business.


LinkedIn Branding

From establishing brand awareness to reaching out to the audience, there are plenty of ways in which branding through LinkedIn can benefit your business. Erisn’s LinkedIn branding services can help your business attain goals.


Importance of Branding Direction

Branding helps you determine the direction your business will take. By deciding on the direction, you will be able to convey your brand’s unique message in an effective manner and reach to the target audience.



Online brand promotion is an excellent way to create strong and long-lasting customer relationships. By building brand loyalty among customers, you will be able to establish a strong customer base for your business.



As a digital marketing promotion company that specializes in branding and promotion, we use the brand asset to build a smart and relevant branding strategy that helps your business gain a competitive edge.



Branding plays a vital role in safeguarding the intellectual property of the business. Our branding services help protect your brand’s name, slogan, logo, etc., from intellectual property theft.



Branding is a valuable tool for marketing your business to outpace the competition and achieve profitable results. We formulate effective branding strategies that will take your digital marketing game to the next level.


How can we benefit you?



How our Process Works


We conduct market research and discover the latest trends in the industry to come up with the most effective branding and promotion strategies for your business.


We develop industry-specific strategies that can help create greater brand awareness and gather more leads for the business.

Identity & Tools

Erisn focuses on creating a unique identity for the brand by using the latest tools that yield fast and profitable results.


We implement smart campaigns that help your brand reach out to the targeted audience in the digital world and boost your brand’s online presence.



Our Client Say

Why Choose Us

We at ErisN understand the need for businesses to reach out to a wider audience by boosting brand awareness. It is our goal to help design customized internet marketing strategies that involve social media advertising for increasing the popularity of the website and brand name.

  • We have years of experience in helping companies earn online recognition.

  • We deliver top-quality services at cost-effective promotion branding prices.

  • The experts at ErisN develop result-oriented strategies that yield a great return on investment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to build a strong brand presence in the digital sphere?

There are multiple ways to build a strong brand presence in the digital sphere. An incredible array of brand promotional tools such as SEO and SMO can be used for online brand promotion. Promotional marketing companies like Erisn use these tools as well as strategies to create a solid online presence for your brand. From brand packaging to SEO research, there are plenty of innovative methods used by Erisn to enhance the brand’s online presence. Contact us today and our dedicated team of branding and promotion experts will guide you. 

What is brand promotion?

Brand promotion is a time-tested marketing strategy used by businesses across verticals to inform potential customers about the brand. Through a host of strategies and campaigns, brand promotion companies create awareness among customers about the brand’s message. It is a way of influencing customers and encouraging them to buy products and services. With this marketing strategy, businesses can attract the target customers and leave a long-lasting impression in their minds. 

Will my business benefit from branding and promotion services?

Yes. All businesses can benefit from branding and promotion services. By using these services, the business can increase brand recognition in the marketplace. Whether you have a large or small-sized business, branding and promotion services can help your business reach a better kind of customer and increase the exposure for your brand. The entire process can be a bit overwhelming, however, at Erisn we try our best to simplify the process and help you understand branding and promotion in the best way possible. 


Does it help boost brand awareness?

Yes. Branding and promotion services is an excellent way to increase the awareness of your company among the customers. Companies use these services to lure the customers and establish a name for the brand. Additionally, branding can help your company create a mark in the highly competitive marketplace. Promotional campaigns can enhance brand awareness and attract customers. By seeing these campaigns, more and more customers will become aware of the brand and its products. Erisn, 

Which online promotion strategies are used?

At Erisn, the leading online promotion company we use a variety of promotion strategies and tools to maximize the brand’s online presence among the target audience. We design effective social media and SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns that help expand your online brand presence and reach. This is essential for the business to build credibility in today’s competitive age. At Erisn, we create a brand promotion strategy that is relevant to the business. 

Is it effective in improving brand positioning?

Yes. Branding and promotion services have time and again prove to be effective in improving brand positioning. With the relevant strategies and campaigns, you can create strong brand positioning in your market. It can help you create a distinguished image of your brand and products in the mind of the customers and outrank the competitors. 


Does branding and promotion help improve search engine rankings?

Branding and SEO (search engine optimization) go hand in hand. Effective branding and promotion campaigns have a direct impact on search engine rankings. Branding and promotion can help you build credibility for the brand by getting more links for the website and also improve the click-through rates of your website. By incorporating branding and promotion strategies in the search engine optimization campaign, you can improve the rankings of your website that can help your business achieve a competitive edge.

Which social media platforms are used for promoting the brand’s name?

Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Youtube are used for promoting the brand’s name to expand the reach of the business. We at Erisn, use all these social media platforms to enhance the brand’s name among numerous social media users. 


Will online promotion drive organic traffic to the website?

Yes. Reports have found that online promotion and branding can drive organic traffic to the website. It is a definitive strategy for driving organic traffic to the website and help your website receive higher rankings from search engine giants like Google and Bing. Online promotion can strengthen the brand’s image and build trust and credibility among the online community. 

How long does online promotion take to show optimal results in the brands’ status?

Ideally, online promotion takes 3 to 6 months to show optimal results in the brand’s status. It is a gradual process that requires time. However, be assured of the fact that well-designed online promotion strategies will surely yield positive results for the business. Though the process takes time, online promotion can help you create a loyal customer base online. Being a leading digital marketing promotion company Erisn ensures that the strategies used for promoting the business online are relevant.