7 Best features of an eCommerce website that you need to know in 2022

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7 Best features of an eCommerce website that you need to know in 2022

For some time now online marketers have been working and expanding their arena, but recent research shows that some of the new events have accelerated a range of online purchasing trends. A lot of factors including economic insecurity, time spent alone in isolation, and the need for remote work and contact-free services have hinted the majority of the people to think and consider major lifestyle shifts and various new business models, thereby bringing in trending e-commerce technologies to help people.

Best Technology For eCommerce Website To Take Your Business To A New Level In 2022

This article will highlight the best technology trends that will play a key role in shaping every customer’s online shopping experience and beyond. Now let’s take a look at the future of eCommerce and the top 5 technology trends that will make your eCommerce website complete and ready for 2022.

1. The Omnichannel Approach

Well, most of the customers are likely to make their purchases in stages, thereby making use of different platforms and devices. Before shopping, customers often do their homework by conducting background research and finding out about the brand or the product through word of mouth or social media. Once the customer’s interest is known and confirmed, they will research the company by visiting their official website and reading online Google reviews. Omnichannel retail, also known as omnichannel commerce, can be defined as a multichannel strategy lined with eCommerce sales that primarily focuses on improving the overall purchasing experience of the customers through hassle-free and seamless integration of all the platforms. Moreover, customers can easily start their buying adventure on one platform and slowly take it to another platform, whether it’s a mobile device, social media, or laptop. All you have to do is to coordinate your online and offline sales strategy. And due to this reason, the omnichannel approach has become the best technology for eCommerce websites.

2. The Personalization Element

Another great and perhaps the most important technological trend for eCommerce website development is the personalization of products. Customers actually want to experience a tailored purchasing and shopping experience based on their interests and preferences. It is imperative to have a clear understanding of the interests and behavior of clients for effective personalization. And thankfully with the advancement of technology, eCommerce has come to the point where every possible information is easily available. To add to this, the action of every online user is recorded and preserved, thereby creating a significant amount of data. With the prevalence of AI and machine-based learning analytics, they have the potential to drive client behavior patterns while properly analyzing the data, offering business organizations desires and expectations, and allowing them to explore endless opportunities.

3. Secure Checkout Processes

Cart abandonment is one of the most exhausting reasons for sales loss as it implies that a customer was thinking about purchasing your product but later changed their mind. As per the data recorded, the global rate of cart abandonment is 79%, thereby highlighting the scale of the problem. In fact, the checkout process is a common reason why customers abandon their carts. Inefficient checkout processes have the potential to increase the likelihood that your customers will quit their cart. Furthermore, if you want your eCommerce business to be successful, you must confidently embrace technology that offers you speedy and efficient checkout solutions. You can also avail various eCommerce website development services for the same reason.

4. Image and Voice Search Option

Today people across the globe are using voice command features to browse through a range of products that are available online in the same way that you can also ask Siri and Bixby to call a certain individual. In fact, by 2022 voice shopping will be worth $40 billion. For clients and customers, voice search saves time because it is faster and more accurate than typing. Another crucial element for business organizations is to properly optimize their eCommerce stores for voice search. Now, if you are planning to use the voice command, make sure that you follow a pattern of set questions that is “what”, “why”, “when”, “how”, and so on. Not many people know but image-based distribution methods are known to boost engagement. Even the eCommerce web solution vendors are aiming to make image and voice search an important element in pushing eCommerce retail.

5. AR and VR Will Become More Important

One of the biggest disadvantages of online buying is that the buyers cannot try on items before purchasing them. And that is how they are not even able to test the products before buying them. However, Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to solve this problem. AR technology can allow the customers to digitally try on the items without the need to leave their current location. And that is how people are able to preview how a specific pair of sunglasses would look on them or how a chair or a sofa would make an ideal addition to their living room. On the other hand, VR or computer-based simulated reality can provide an immersive and interactive purchasing experience. Once virtual reality headsets become more affordable, this technology will be easily integrated into eCommerce.

6. Chatbots With Incorporated AI

Customer service is the heart and soul of every business organization. Customer service and problem-solving are 2 different yet very important tasks. We are all aware of the importance of chatbots. Therefore, they will become even more important in 2022. More than 60% of US customers make use of digital self-service options like apps, websites, and online chat. And thanks to technological marvels like AI and machine-based learning chatbots have become popular. However, there is always room for improvement so chatbots can actually do better under the guidance of AI and also from their prior interactions.

7. Mobile Shopping Will Replace Desktop Shopping

Well, who doesn’t like to shop online? In fact, soon mobile shopping will overtake desktop shopping as one of the major eCommerce platforms in the future. To add to this, smartphones will outshine PCs in the coming years as they will become smarter and people will gain more access to them. Prioritizing mobile availability has a range of benefits. To start with, it can help local and on-page SEO, as Google started prioritizing mobile indexing while analyzing web pages in 2020. Even shopping cart abandonment is lower on mobile devices and click-through rates are higher. Therefore, to jump on this trend successfully, firms and organizations are offering the best technologies for eCommerce websites. And all this has fixed all the technical errors thereby ensuring that the mobile pages load quickly, and have a user-friendly interface.

Final Words

Whether you want to offer web design services or are planning to create an online clothes store, eCommerce has the potential to go beyond all the latest trends. In fact, the majority of large-scale companies and well-established firms are leading the eCommerce race with this phenomenal and cutting-edge technology, so you must thrive to use this technology to properly meet the needs of the company. If you are planning to integrate any of these technologies into your eCommerce business, you can connect with ErisnTech and take your business to new heights.

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