What Makes a Good User Interface? 12 UI Design Principles You Need To Consider

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What Makes a Good User Interface? 12 UI Design Principles You Need To Consider

The majority of the users today only notice the UI design of an app or the software whenever something goes wrong. And that is why for this reason, you can say that a good UI design is almost invisible, thereby leaving the user to get down to work without distractions.  

Well, UI design is all about creating interfaces so that the users can easily interact with each other. In fact, the admin UI design is the most vital part the designers need to focus on.  

Now you must be wondering how designers are able to create and design beautiful, captivating, and easy-to-use cart UI designs? 

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Therefore, to answer your question, we have curated a comprehensive article on the 12 important UI design principles you need to consider.  

UI Design Principles You Need To Focus On

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Whether you are working on the admin UI design or the cart UI design, it is imperative to ensure that your overall design is not complicated. Simple design will easily resonate with the users.

We know that the UI designs are fun and they should be. But make sure that your UI designs are able to fulfill your objectives.

Therefore, simplicity is one of the most important design principles, so you should never forget who your target audience is, and why you are designing for them. A good UI design is practical and never decorated.

Being a designer, you should be aware of one more fact overly done UI design will create unnecessary confusion and will distract the user from your genuine objective.

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Since you are making the UI design for your audience, it’s very important to analyze and know whether your design is relevant for your customers or not. 

Therefore, the first and the foremost step in making an impeccable UI design is to properly understand your audience and get to know their likes and preferences.  

Let us tell you that once you’ve achieved this, you’ll be in a position where you’ll be able to predict and tell what your user wants next.   

You can also seek expertise from a UI UX development company, where they’ll provide you with all the necessary tools, information, and even the resources they need. And even the duration in which they need the design.    

However, in case your design does not coincide with what the user wants, then you can easily predict their behavior, by making tweaks to the design so that it can fulfill your purpose.   

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When we say user-centered design we mean creating products that the users will love. After all, it is the user who interacts with your product, and as a UI/UX designer, it is your duty to know your target audience well. Make sure that you thoroughly conduct research and properly figure out the needs, wants, and behavior patterns of your audience.

As a UI UX development company, you should know how to keep the user in control by regularly surfacing system status, provision for instant feedback, predictable interactions, and clear and well-defined pathways.

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Another important design principle for UI/UX design is to make sure that your content is clear, legible, and can be read easily by your audience.

As a designer, make sure that you put the readability of your content first place, and look for different fonts and designs that will not only make your text clear but also visually appealing.

If you want to make it to the list of the best UI websites, make sure that your font is clear and readable. Moreover, a plethora of factors can impact the overall readability of your design including background color, visual hierarchy, content, typography, etc.

Of all the factors, proper font selection is of utmost importance. Being a designer, you should be able to use different font styles for different types of websites or applications. That is the font for a cart UI design will be different from the admin UI design.

For instance, serif will be a better choice for long-format texts and content.  

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It is a natural tendency that human beings can easily get attracted to beautiful and visually appealing colors. Moreover, color can be a crucial element that can easily set the tone and the mood of the interfaces.   

 So, whether you’re working on the UX game or the cart UI design, make sure that you properly choose the color scheme for your UI design.   

Being a designer, you should be aware of the fact that colors can help in reflecting the overall personality of a brand and can also influence your purchasing decision.  

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Whether you’re a designer or a well-established UI UX development company, make sure that you pay attention to small-small details of your overall design.

Users are in the habit of noticing little-little details and sometimes even minute details such as a button shape can create a huge difference to the overall user experience.

So, make sure that you thoroughly check and verify each and every design and its associated element.

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A design that is consistent and clear will help you in creating a lasting impression on your target audience. Consistent navigation will help the users to get access to information quickly and effortlessly.   

Operation designs that are consistent can make the users quickly learn about the different product features.   

In fact, a lack of consistency has the potential to mislead the users and cause a bad user experience overall. And of course, the consistency principle does not mean that you need to apply it to all the areas of your design.   

Intentional inconsistency can create a good user experience.   

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When we are talking about the different UI/UX design principles the most basic and perhaps the most fundamental principle is visual hierarchy.  

There is a high probability that your cart UI design will either be overloaded or disorganized if you give equal importance to all the elements. Therefore, it is very important to present an order that is clear

    1. Focus more on Primary Information :
      When we say primary information, we mean elements such as headlines should be properly highlighted and placed in the central focal area.

    2. Let Secondary Information stay Secondary :
      With secondary information we mean that you should include subheaders or captions, they are the pillars of support to the primary information. You can easily prioritize the secondary information by using different colors, contrast, shadow, etc.

    3. Tertiary Information does not need much Attention :
      Tertiary information primarily consists of body copy or body text, this part can be easily scanned by the users. Make sure that you keep the primary information readable. 
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Whenever a user performs any type of action, the interface should respond to them properly. As a UI UX development company, it is your duty to ensure that you never let the user wait for a long period of time. As this will make the user more frustrated.   

Make sure the people know how long they have to wait for the results. In case it takes more than 7 to 10 seconds to complete its operation, users would like to see a progress indicator. 

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One of the easiest hacks to improve the efficiency of the interface is by performing daily task analysis. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the customer, and try to imitate the user’s processes, properly understand the user’s goals, and try to streamline the process.

As a UI UX development company, make sure that users are able to reach their goals quickly and efficiently. In the end, it is your responsibility to prevent every possible vulnerability.

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Whenever it comes to the designing of websites, a layout can be a total gamechanger here. Make sure that the layout is well-defined and concise, clear, and well-structured as it will help the users to properly understand your interface easily.

Therefore, to include your website in the list of the best UI websites, make sure that you keep the layout of your design well-organized.

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Lastly, you need to match your pace with all the UI design principles. So, make sure that as a leading UI UX development company, you keep a close tab on these design principles as it keeps on changing.   

So, amp up your design knowledge with the latest design trends, technologies, art, science, design, psychology, etc.   

With proper and comprehensive design knowledge, you’ll be able to build incredible quality products.   

Final Words

As a leading UI UX development company, these are the 12 design principles that you need to consider when you’re working and designing your new project.   

We know that UI and UX designs are very important for website development, and a lot goes into building high-value and immersive websites than just mastering these skills.   

So, if you’re looking forward to building a visually appealing and creative website then you must get in touch with ErisnTech and we will connect you to our team of highly professional and talented UI UX designers. They will guide you through the entire design process and will help you in designing the website of your dreams.   

So, connect with us now and book your 30-minute consultation for free! 


Frequently Asked Questions

User experience defines how user feels while exploring a website, using a mobile app, or otherwise interacting with a company’s digital products or services. There are many elements that contribute to designing for exceptional user experiences, such as user interface, usability and user research. However, User Experience design does not equal user experience.

12 Fundamental UX Design Principles a Designer Has to Live By:

  1. Keep the Design Simple
  2. Predict and Position Your Design
  3. Focus on User-Centered Design
  4. Make the Interface Readable
  5. Color Matters 
  6. Pay Attention to Details
  7. Be Clear and Consistent
  8. Strengthen Visual Hierarchy
  9. Respond to the User
  10. Better and Improved Efficiency
  11. Well Organized Layout
  12. Properly Follow the UI Design Principles

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