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Education is another of the very important sector where there is rising requirement of the technological touch so as to enhance the whole system ultimately resulting in its betterment. This is exactly where the top educational software companies have a vital role to play. This can be clearly understood from the fact that the education industry finding out ways to incorporate technology into it.


Student Grading System

ErisN helps in the development of the most appropriate school grading software which makes the manual task easier as well as convenient. Accurate results can be necessarily obtained with minimal effort.


Library Management Software

Another of the very useful online education software which specially deals with library management thereby making it much easier for a librarian to handle all transactions.


E Learning Portal

The school education software for the creation of a very efficient and effective e learning portal for the students which enables the students to learn at their own pace sitting right at their home.

If you are not sure about the use of technology in the education industry, there is just nothing to worry about. Just give us a call and ErisN would be more than happy to help you. We offer a free consultation service to the ones who are planning to use the services but are hesitating to do so. In the free consultation service, the detailed knowledge is provided for a complete understanding.

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Why Choose Us

There are a number of reasons as to why you should be choosing ErisN as your education software solution provider that are as mentioned below.

  • Extremely user friendly software with a very simple interface making it easier to understand and to be operated by the teachers, students as well as the management

  • Options to add as well delete users as and when required

  • Room for upgradation of the online grading system as per the requirements

  • Availability of teacher grading software is an added benefit to the management

  • Highly reliable services and assured on time delivery


Frequently Asked Questions

What are IT solutions for Education?

IT solutions for education refers to the appropriate integration of the advanced technology so available in the educational sector for the building up a smart education software so as to offer a great benefit to the overall system of education.

How is it beneficial?

Smart educational software plays a vital role in making manual labor easy since it helps in the automation of a number of processes as well as operations in the educational sector. In this regard, it is of immense importance to hire reputed educational software companies who can make the appropriate use of technology for bringing about the intended results.

What can the student management software do?

Online education software particularly designed for student management has the ability to efficiently and effectively handle the enormous volumes of data of students that too with a hundred percent accuracy because of the fact that there is no manual labor involved.

What is a student grading software?

School grading software or the student grading software is specialised software that plays a crucial role in helping the management of the educational institutions to offer accurate grades to each of the students that too within a very short span of time. This is not only time saving in nature but also errors are minimised to a significant extent.

How the online grading system is beneficial?

The online grading system is extremely helpful in the conduction of examinations and declaration of results in almost all of the educational intuitions. With the help of this software, the overall system becomes completely smooth that too without any kinds of interruptions thereby involving less amount of time.

Which are the institutions you serve?

We at ErisN is a premier provider of school education software serving the entire educational institutions ranging from schools, colleges, universities to all other educational institutions appropriately benefitting them is almost all aspects.

Do you offer library management software?

Yes, we at ErisN top notch online education software for the appropriate management of library so as to reduce the involvement of manual labour yet handle everything with utmost care as well as accuracy.

What is the e learning portal?

E learning portal is another of ErisN’s smart move towards serving the educational sector. This is basically a smart educational software that helps the students to learn online thereby making the students at par with the advanced technology in today’s world.

What is the advantage of e learning portal?

The greatest advantage of online education software of the e learning portal is that the students here can learn at their own pace without having to keep up the pace as in the traditional classes. This is highly beneficial since the students can easily learn according to their convenience.

Is a teacher grading software available?

Yes, we at ErisN offer a high quality teacher grading software which is a specialised software that is particularly suitable for the assessment of the teachers in any of the educational institutions.