Our Email Marketing Approach

ErisN is a highly professional email marketing agency offering full-service email marketing, with a complete focus on delivering the desired results within a stipulated frame of time. We have a team of expert email marketers who are adequately trained and vastly experienced who know exactly what is best that needs to be done. Our professional email marketing services includes the effective use of email newsletter services and email template service so as to come up with the desired results.


Our Email Marketing Process

Effective Strategies

We at Erisn specialize in creating email marketing strategies that best suit the requirements of our business. With the right strategies we help your business utilize the email channel to increase the outreach of your brand and enhance lead generation.


Proper Development

The expert email marketers at Erisn effectively handle the various aspects of the email marketing development and deployment process. We use our expertise for designing templates and also provide high-quality services after the full development of the email marketing campaign has taken place.


High Creativity

Our proficient email marketers use a creative approach to ensure that the design and templates are customized, responsive, and visually attractive. We use trendy creative ideas to provide you with the best email marketing services.


Appropriate Auditing

Our detailed auditing process helps you run the email marketing campaign without any glitches. We carefully go through the different aspects and check the developed services to ensure that your customers experience seamless experience.


Automation and Integration

Our data-driven email marketing campaign ensures custom integration and proper automation of email services. This helps your business engage customers and earn their loyalty. With automation, you can provide problem-free services and transform customers into leads.


7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Great for Your Business

The effective conduction of email marketing campaign by any trusted email campaign companies is still one of the best ways for the promotion or advertising of any business. Here are seven important reasons as to why email marketing is just great for your business.

  • People Check Their Email a Lot

    Emails are still the most used forms of communication and the people tend to check their emails on a regular basis. Thus, sending marketing emails increases the chances of the people reading through the email.

  • Encouraging Subscribers to Visit Your Store

    Email automation service plays a vital role encouraging all your subscribers to make a visit to your store. Once the subscribers visit your store, there are very high chances that they will be making a purchase.

  • Appealing to Your Subscribers by Personalising Emails

    Professional email marketing services is of a great help in appealing to your subscribers by sending them personalised emails. Once the email is personalised, it draws the attention of the readers to a much greater extent.

  • Higher ROI Than Any Other Digital Strategy

    In the world of business, all that matters the most are the results and keeping this point in mind email marketing would be the ideal place to invest for the purpose of marketing. This is because email marketing simply provides unmatched return on investment as compared to any other forms of digital marketing.

  • Click Through Rates are Higher

    A professional email marketing company conducts effective email marketing campaign which can necessarily get you much higher click through rates. Now, when the click through rates are higher better results from the campaign are bound to follow.

  • Email Marketing Drives Conversions

    With effective email marketing, the rates of conversions are much higher. At the time when he strategically designed emails are send to the intended users, it significantly drives conversions which is highly beneficial.

  • Instantaneous Impact

    One of the greatest advantages of email marketing is that it almost has an immediate impact. It might be possible that the results start to show up within a few minutes the email has been delivered. Due to its instant delivery, results are quick and effective.



Our Client Say

Why Choose Us

ErisN is one of the leaders in offering email marketing services to businesses. With several years of experience in this field, the businesses can simply be assured of getting the best of the email marketing services. Here are a few reasons as to why you should be choosing as your email marketing agency.

  • We never spam the inbox of the customers because we know very well that spamming creates a negative impact on the customers about your business which we stay far away from.

  • Our email marketing software easily allows you to track the emails that has been sent. You can have a clear idea about the rates of conversion and help you in spotting how the overall campaign can be improved.

  • The marketing emails that we send to your customers are extremely easy to share and can be shared with a single click which enhances the chances of the email for the achievement of better results.

  • Our professional team designs the emails in such a way that it is not only informative but also very attractive which is certain to create a very good impression on the customers. In this way, we lure the customers to conduct business with you.

  • We have a specialised customer support department where the staff are adequately trained and vastly experienced to efficiently handle all your queries.

  • Our helpline is available 24*7 so that you can connect at any point of time which you think is very convenient for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of internet marketing that is known to have a huge impact on business. It is a cost-effective marketing tool through which a business sends promotional and commercial emails to their customer base. Businesses send relevant emails to their target customers to keep them informed about the offers and promote brand awareness and loyalty. 


Will email marketing be fruitful with social media on the boom?

Using emailing service for marketing continues to yield great results for businesses all over the world. Despite the rise in the popularity of social media platforms, paid email marketing service continues to be a cult-favorite of the marketers. As a lot of customers get attracted by the personalized nature of the emails. As per the reports, email marketing is a cost-effective marketing tool that effectively raises brand awareness. 


How to make the best use of email technology?

In today’s digitally-driven era, it is critical to make the best use of email technology to not just promote your brand’s name but also increase sales. We at Erisn use a myriad of advanced tools to ensure that your email marketing campaign succeeds. Whether you require email blast service for a large firm or email marketing service for a lawyer, we can help design the ultimate campaign suitable for your business. 

Will my customers read through the email?

Most marketing studies have found that customers read through the emails that seem relevant to them. The subject line of the email is a determining factor and a majority of the customers open and read through the email only if the subject line sounds relevant. Also, the quality of content and the images in the email can have an impact on the user’s reaction and determine whether he or she reads through the email. We at Erisn, ensure that the quality of an email and the subject line are appealing for the customer. 

Will there be a hike in my sales due to email marketing?

Yes. Well-targeted email marketing can lead to a hike in sales. Reports have found that email marketing that involves email newsletter services is usually more effective than other forms of internet advertising in generating more leads and increasing sales. When compared to other marketing forms, email has a larger reach, and this enables it to drive sales. By hiring a well-established email marketing agency like Erisn, you can boost your firm’s sales. 

How to grow my list of subscribers?

The best way to grow the list of subscribers is by encouraging site visitors to share their emails. One of the innovative ways to convince visitors to share their email id is by creating a pop-up window on the webpage. Additionally, creating engaging and relevant email content is essential to make sure that the subscribers do not unsubscribe from the mail list. Whether you require email template service or fresh email content to interact with the subscribers, Erisn is a professional email marketing company that can help you with it. 

Should I buy an email list?

While the idea of buying an email list may strike as an appealing one, the industry experts advise against it. As a majority of the email lists are not verified and as per the reports most of the email service providers do not allow purchased email lists. Moreover, the bounce rate of the purchased email list is comparatively higher. As per the industry experts, buying an email list is a complete no-no. Instead, it is best to entrust the work to a full-service email marketing company like Erisn. 

Why is personalization important in email marketing?

Personalized marketing is essential for engaging with customers. This is where email automation service can come in handy. By personalizing emails as per the preference of the customer, you will be able to build a deeper and long-lasting relationship. A lot of businesses send birthday emails to customers to show that they care. Doing so will help your business gain a dedicated and loyal customer base. 

Is open rate important?

Email open rate is extremely important as it determines the success of an email marketing campaign. It’s the number of people who opened an email. In general, the open rate depends on the subject line and the relevance of the email. We’re an email marketing agency that can help you keep a track of the email open rate. We also use proper measures to boost the open rate to ensure that more and more subscribers open the email and take the required action. 

How to enhance the open rate?

Most email marketing companies use an array of measures to enhance the email open rate. At Erisn, we use effective ways like creating engaging and attractive subject lines, writing top-quality content and emailing at the preferred time to ensure that the subscriber reads the email and feels encouraged to visit the website for taking the required action.