Erisn’s Co-Operative Banking Software Feature Highlight

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Erisn’s Co-Operative Banking Software Feature Highlight

Digital transformation in banking sector is faster than ever. Technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, and big data are disrupting the business models of co-operative banks. With increasing customers’ expectations, stiff competition, and stringent regulatory guidelines, how can banks leverage technology to anticipate customers’ needs and adapt new business models? The secret lies in Erisn’s Co-Operative Bank Software Services.

About Erisn

Erisn Software Solutions is a leading software development service provider that helps companies build quality software to enhance growth and sales. Being known as the best banking software development company in Bangalore, Erisn has a strong impression in the banking sector through our Co-Operative Banking Software. We have built an advanced co-operative banking software application on a simple architecture using common logic, data, and a set of the business process.
What is a Co-Operative Bank?

A Cooperative bank is a financial entity that belongs to persons who are united voluntarily to meet their common economic and social needs. They are both owners and customers of their bank. These banks are considered as alternatives for money lenders, to offer short-term and long-term credit at reasonable rates of interest.

About Erisn’s Co-Operative Banking Software

Erisn’s desktop-based Cooperative banking software is exclusively designed and developed for Credit Co-operative Societies. It is a .NET based centralized database software that is capable of handling core banking operations such as deposits, monthly income schemes (MIS), daily deposit schemes (DDS), loans, etc.

Our Co-Operative Banking Software is a comprehensive mini banking software solution built using advanced web technologies. Its platform-independent, open-system architecture and cutting-edge technology enable smooth integration with existing as well as future systems of Cooperative banks. It helps automate front-end and back-end processes of Cooperative banks to achieve centralized management. It is not just a banking software, but a revenue-generating tool.

Special Features

  1. Our software supports Multi-user login with Multi Branch core Banking operations
  2. It contains a fully secured database with role-based security implementations.
  3. It is built on a secured architecture and manages critical data using higher-level encryption.
  4. Our software can handle a huge database and transactions up to any level.
  5. It is highly flexible to support the current and future needs of Cooperative banks.
  6. Our software can process millions of transactions within a few seconds without any difficulty.
  7. Customized and user-defined reports can be generated with a single click.
  8. Our Co-operative Banking software is very user friendly and the system has a simple graphic user interface, which ensures hassle-free usage.
  9. Our software allows customization by banks to any extent.
  10. Our software works per the guidelines of RBI and SEBI

Who Can Use Our Software?

Our software is developed for the Cooperative society or bank to cater to their unique needs. Being a leading software development service provider, our Co-Operative Bank Software Services can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the following entities

  1. Urban Co-operative Bank (UCB)
  2. Urban Co-operative Credit Society (CCS)
  3. Agriculture and Rural Development Bank (ARDB)
  4. Primary Agriculture Credit Society (PACS)
  5. Employees’ Co-operative Credit Society (ECCS) and
  6. Other Financial Institutions & Corporation at the National or State Level

Why Use Our Software?

  1. Scalable, reliable, and secure software
  2. Customer-centric solution
  3. Daily and periodic operations
  4. Generation of various analytical and statistical reports
  5. Ongoing maintenance and support of software
  6. Assured uptime for software and services
  7. Highly extensible through parameterized architecture
  8. Low maintenance cost
  9. Service level agreement
  10. Highlights of Our Software
  11. Unlimited Members
  12. Unlimited Branches
  13. Savings Account
  14. Loan Management
  15. Share Allotment
  16. Daily Deposit Schemes
  17. Data Backup Facility
  18. RD, FD Plans
  19. Member Management
  20. Financial Accounting
  21. Inter-bank Transactions Using Multi-Channel Interfaces
  22. Various Banking Books and Ledgers
  23. Impromptu Query Handling
  24. SMS Integration
  25. Email Integration

Our software is developed using the latest technologies and modern architecture making it more suitable for the Cooperative banks, which operates largely in remote and rural areas. It is a robust and scalable banking software that is designed to take care of all aspects of your Cooperative societies’ business with the utmost care. Get used to error-free operation with minimum effort and help your bank achieve increased market reach with higher customer satisfaction.

Step onto the digital transformation path easily with Erisn’s Co-Operative Banking Software.

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