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Premium quality ERP software solutions are offered at ErisN which play a vital role in the integration of several departments of all of the business organisations for smoothening the operations at its best.

Our Approach

This in turn is highly beneficial for the growth and development of the businesses. We at ErisN being one of the leading ERP software companies offering ERP solutions that helps in the integration of different modules of business management as well as user friendly technology. With our complete range of enterprise resource planning solutions, it becomes possible for combining all of the functions of the businesses. Some of the major business functions that are addressed by ERP system software are as mentioned below.

Services We Offer

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Financial and Supply Chain

We at ErisN offer highly efficient ERP accounting software and solutions for financials, sales, supply chain business processes and procurement. The solutions so offered are dynamic, complex, widely distributed and necessarily customised across various business units as well as systems.

Client Requirement

Information Technology

With the smart and effective ERP solutions from ErisN, you can simply empower the IT team of your business to go for smart work and not hard work. Our ERP solutions are tailor engineered for the purpose of simplification, automation and the streamlining of the businesses processes.

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Human Capital Management

We clearly understand that the employees are the most valuable asset for any of the organisations and with our top ERP systems you can certainly create an extremely solid foundation for necessarily building up of a long term successful relationship with the employees.

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Specialised Solutions for Small Businesses

We offer top notch small business ERP software that is specially formulated to necessarily suit their business requirements. The ERP software for small business can be easily customised as per the requirements & business needs.

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Campus Solutions

With our very strong portfolio of campus solutions, we at ErisN can be of a great help to the students, faculties, staffs as well as the management in delivering stand out experiences which in turn help in the promotion of campus - wide excellence in almost all of the aspects.

Why Choose Us?

  • We at ErisN offer ERP applications that are SaaS based which necessarily saves a lot of cost on manpower

  • The professional team at ErisN offers extremely smart analytics along with data security, you can just be free from all kinds of threats

  • With the ERP solutions from ErisN, operational efficiency is readily increased

  • Our ERP solutions are completely focused on enhanced customer satisfaction

  • With our ERP solution, you can certainly take much better business decision along with appropriate forecasts

  • The ERP solutions offered at ErisN are completely flexible as well as scalable for adapting with the changes in the future

  • We offer a completely centralised framework for all of the processes of the businesses

  • Our ERP solutions are growth oriented in nature which provides great support for the growth and development of businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ERP?

ERP is the abbreviated form of enterprise resource planning which is basically an integrated set of software that helps in the management of several resources of the businesses.

What does ERP systems do?

ERP systems helps in the integration of all the business management functions that include planning, materials management, processing of orders, purchasing, manufacturing, finance, accounting, human resources and a lot of others.

How will ERP benefit my business?

ERP can necessarily outweigh the overall costs of the system thereby providing the system that is very carefully selected that is just appropriate for your business from the point of view of cost, technology as well as overall functionality.

I have ERP software. Do I need a new one?

With the advancement of technology, the software is being constantly upgraded. So, it would be a very good idea to opt for a new and advanced ERP software for your business processes.

How long does it take to implement?

The time taken for implementation depends upon the capabilities of the service provider. But in general, it takes about 3 to 4 weeks to do the task.

What is the return on investment?

Implementing ERP solutions to your business provides you with great results. Return on investment does not always mean only financial gain but also gain in terms of growth, productivity, efficiency or an overall improvement in the performance of the business.

Why should I opt for ERP?

ERP is just great for your business. It can be easily customised as per your business requirements and it is a solution within your budget. With advanced analytics and built in controls, you can get the intended results.

I am not tech savvy. Can I use ERP?

ERP is a software solution that has an extremely simple user interface and its user friendly nature does not require any such special technical expertise for using ERP.

Is ERP scalable?

Yes, ERP is completely scalable in nature and you can easily and conveniently add new users at a later date which is certainly of a great benefit.

What is the technology used in ERP?

The major technology behind ERP is ‘dot net’ The dot net applications run much faster and completely secure. Also, it is cost effective in nature and hence the most preferred choice of developers.



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