How much does it cost to create a Mobile App?

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How much does it cost to create a Mobile App?

The cost of the app development can’t be simply answered in a single line or word as there are various factors involved that affect the cost of the app. But we can estimate the average costing by considering and calculating various parameters and processes involved in developing a mobile app.

Let us start by discussing the various forms of mobile app developments based on their types. There are mainly two types of apps designed for commonly used OSs namely Android and iOS. The app development process includes various processes like planning, designing, development, testing, modifications, etc.

All the processes collectively take an approximate duration of 500 – 700 hours. This duration may vary depending upon the complexity of the app. The main thing that affects the design and the working time period is the features of the app. The higher and the sophisticated the app features get, the longer it takes to execute them.

Another factor that affects the app development cost is the UI and UX. The richer the UI and UX get, the cost of the app development also increases.

The average cost to create an app development

Average costing of the app development based on time

The app development process involves various timely processes like planning, designing, development, testing, and post-release services. Some of the app developers do not provide the post-release services which are necessary to encounter any errors and corrections in the future once the app is released.

The time period of developing a mobile app starts once the agreement is signed and the planning process also gets counted into it. It takes around 5% of the total duration of the app development time period. The designing process may take 15% of the total time.

The features including period may last around 20% of the total app development duration. Let us assume 2% of the time for deployment of any unwanted features or options included in the app and have already been developed. The development of app infrastructure may take around 33% of the time. The development of app administration and testing will take the rest of the 25% duration. The total process’ duration may vary depending upon the working team and their skills.

With these parameters, you can expect the development duration of the app. To ease the process down, we can provide you the average app development durations based on the complexity of the app. The following are the basic average time durations required to develop a mobile app based on their complexity.

The average duration period of the  app development

  • A basic app development process may take around 300 – 600 hours
  • A medium complexity app development may take around 600 – 800 hours
  • Highly complex app development takes around 800 – 1200 hours

Based on this, you can calculate the average app development cost and can execute the approximate cost for developing an app. You can consult various developers available in the market to get their rates per hour and calculate the total cost for developing an app.

Average costing for developing an app based on the type of platform and location of the team

The most commonly, apps are developed for two platforms namely iOS and Android. The developers charge the per hour charges for development based on the type of platform the app is being developed for. Apart from that, the developers charge at per hour rates involved in the development of an app. This number depends on the location of the developer’s team and their skills. A high-end developer may deliver you a fantastic app but may affect the cost of the mobile app development heftily.

The following are the average charges for the development of an app based on their development platform worldwide:

  • North America: Developing an app in North America will be costlier than compared to other parts of the world. A developer charges an average of $ 140 for iOS and $ 160 for Android.
  • Australia: Australia seems a bit cheaper compared to North America and the charge an average of $ 100 per hour to develop apps for iOS and Android platforms.
  • UK: In the United Kingdom, you can develop an app for an average of $ 65 for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • South America: South America has a large change compared to North America and charges an average of $ 40 for iOS and $ 30 for Android app development.
  • Eastern Europe: Eastern Europe provides you with an average option of $ 30 per hour to develop an app for Android or iOS.
  • India: India has a lot to offer you along with the competitive rates and expertise in developing an app. You can find the average app development charges of $ 30 per hour to develop apps for Android and iOS. There may be a small change in the development costs of a mobile app for Android and iOS in India.
  • Indonesia: Indonesia offers you the cheapest app development cost. You can develop an app at an average of $ 11 an hour for both Android and iOS platforms.

Apart from the mentioned details, the app development cost also varies based on the various parameters like features, functionality, operation of location, type of platform and app, backend infrastructure, app administration, notification types, navigation, viewing for landscape and portrait, media content, Google integration, chat and messaging, advertisements, in-app purchases, synchronization options, streaming, language, mode (offline or online), sensors usage, search option, data encryption, maintenance etc.

The average app development costs based on statistics of various factors that affect the cost of the app can be studied to estimate a rough figure. The following are the average and rough charges that can be estimated for various app developments:

Estimated app development costs

  • Basic app development may cost around $ 2,000 – $ 20,000
  • A medium complexity app development costs $ 20,000 – $ 50,000
  • The average cost for highly complex app development will be over $ 50,000


The above-mentioned details may help you track down the details regarding the development of a mobile app and help you estimate the cost of developing a mobile app.

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