How to Build an App Like Zomato


How to Build an App Like Zomato

Food is an essential need for everyone. Cooking every time is not an easy task, but all of us have food cravings. These food cravings have led to the development and popularity of online food delivery applications. An app like Zomato has been of great help to many people and it satisfies its customers by offering delicious food at an affordable price on your doorstep.  The app ensures that your families or friends can enjoy the highest quality prepared food in the comfort of your own home. You simply find the recipes on our menu screens to help you decide which items you can get with whatever meal preparation method you prefer.

Statistics That Proves the Demand for an App Like Zomato

Sales Growth

The latest statistics on sales growth indicate that deliveries to customers increased by 25%. They are mainly women looking for a variety and affordable foods without large price tags. A healthy portion of the order online uses their phones to download the apps.

10 Million+ App downloads in App Store

This app is a popular food delivery application and it has approached ten million application downloads. The number can increase to another level if provided with better functionalities, features, and services.

Growth of Revenue

Zomato app is the innovative mobile-first grocery service that connects customers with their groceries under thirty seconds less and is gaining ground quickly. The app helps people running the restaurants generate revenue and increase it faster. An app like Zomato has advanced features and customer services that help you to meet your dreams.

Increase in In-App Payments

Google has been increasing ad spend rates by about $ 400 million per month with its IPO but it’s still fairly low compared to other mobile app and web developers which have also increased their ads spending from just under $ 2 billion a year.

Market Share

Statistics have shown that on-demand food delivery apps hold approximately 10% of the total market share. They hit the target because of the existing offers to promote their sales. Food delivery apps like Zomato are improving at a faster rate with many app downloads and trusted customers.

Why Food Delivery App Like Zomato So Popular?

For a company to survive, it requires partners that accept its services and want more of them. Zomato Company has specifically increased its productivity on sites like Facebook which does not charge customers fees when they submit their information through an application interface (PUI) or checkbox fields where employees can provide personal data. Whether you’re with your families or friends, sharing a meal is a fulfilling experience. Here are some reasons that explain why food delivery apps like Zomato are so popular;

Payment Option

Even though paying with cash is still a popular method of payment, many customers of food delivery services already use a preferred technology while making an order. An app like Zomato often requires its customers to make a digital payment. However, with the power of one’s smartphone, many people prefer online payment.


An app like Zomato puts its customers’ needs first. They deliver the food ordered by a customer at the right time without any delay. This has made many people prefer an app like Zomato because of its punctuality to deliver food.


Using one-click ordering options on consumer packaged goods delivered in your place can be incredibly helpful for customers looking towards their dining destination more conveniently and within the budget. This method ensures that you receive precise quantity information such as the amount they ordered, where exactly it’s being shipped, date/time stamped displayed with the prices set at regular intervals.

Reasons for the Success of Zomato Company

The First Move Advantage

An app like Zomato was the first to develop quick connections with its customers, which was the main reason for its popularity. They became successful because of their unique marketing and brand-creating skills. They deliver the food that you have ordered to your doorstep. This has greatly helped Zomato company to succeed within a short period of time.

Robust Business Model

In order to ensure long-term success, a strong business model is an important aspect. The services of an app like Zomato include; a reliable, unique, and profitable business model which helps the company to solve issues during tough times when incurring losses.

Strong Team Support

It’s very important to have a right and strong team where everyone has a common potential to change the ideas into reality. To build an app like Zomato, you require having hardworking and dedicated team members. The right people and a strong team is important asset to have in a company.

Continuous Innovation and Evolution

In order to rise and succeed while developing an app like Zomato, you need to take risks and continue evolution. The app is growing and evolving itself by introducing new policies, offers, and best services. The Zomato app has a unique concept of advanced table booking which facilitates users by booking tables of their choice hence minimizing time.

How Zomato App Works and Earn Revenue?

Zomato app works best and earns its revenue through the following;

  • Restaurant listings and advertising
  • Food delivery
  • Live events
  • White label access
  • Zomato kitchens

How to Create an App Like Zomato?

Firstly, you need to understand your target audience before creating an app like Zomato. This way you will retain better results. This can be achieved by marketing analysis and looking at the demands of your customers which ensures higher growth. However, you require having restaurant owners, delivery people, and end-users to maintain a stable balance. Creating an app is not an easy task; hence you are advised to hire experienced developers from Zomato App Company who will help you to create the app at a cheaper mobile app development cost.

Components for Development of an App Like Zomato

Customer’s End

You require hiring experienced and hardworking developers to design your application that meets the demands of your customers. The best design used is UI/UX which plays an important role to attract many customers. Here are some major features which you should consider when creating an app like Zomato;

  • Social media account integration
  • Search bar
  • Call or message restaurant drivers
  • Multiple payment options
  • Notifications
  • GPS tracking
  • Real-time availability
  • Large social community

Delivery Personas

This is also an important aspect when creating your application. It’s very essential to ensure fast and easy delivery of the food items ordered. Here are some features you should present in your application for a delivery persona;

  • Check latest orders
  • Accept or decline orders
  • Geolocation
  • E-Sign page

Restaurant’s End

The owners of a restaurant are required to have different features in order to follow up their customer rates and business growth and these features include;

  • The easy reply to reviews
  • Listen to conversations with your customers
  • Manage restaurant’s information and offers
  • Keep an eye on the analytics
  • Control over Whitelabel apps for Zomato

Admin End

The admin panel has the entire functionality and is the main aspect of creating your application. We advise you to hire an experienced mobile app development company like Zomato. Here are some important features which are essential when creating an app and ensure great support from the admin end;

  • Admin dashboard
  • Analytics and reporting

How Much it Costs to Create an App Like Zomato?

The price for creating an app like Zomato depends on the choice of different features. The app should have an attractive design (UI/UX) and user-friendly interface which attracts important customers and increase the revenue of the app. In order to target a huge audience, you require having an app that operates on many platforms like Ios, Android, and Mac. The price for developing an app ranges from $12000- $2600. We are highly dedicated and detail-oriented when it comes to developing a user-friendly and customized app at an affordable price. Feel free to communicate with us so that you can know the exact cost of creating an app like Zomato.

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