How to Find UDID (Unique Device Identifier) on iPhone?

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How to Find UDID (Unique Device Identifier) on iPhone?

The use of iPhones has become extremely common in recent times but still, there would a huge number of users who do not know about UDID on iPhone. UDID is referred to as the Unique Device Identifier which is nothing but an alphanumeric sequence consisting of a total of 40 letters and digits together. This number as indicated by its name is unique for each device like iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

This is actually for the appropriate identification of the device which is very similar to a serial number of a device but is much more difficult to guess as compared to a serial number. The UDID or Unique Device Identifier looks something like “2b6f0cc904d137be2e1730235f5664094b831186”. Being a device identifying the number, it is of immense value.

The Need of UDID

UDID is of immense importance for an iPhone. The iPhone would only be able to install programs that are approved by Apple. All of the applications, in the App Store, have been necessarily approved by Apple for general distribution but the beta customers get to try the application before it is available in the Apple Store.

All the iPhones when purchased is registered with the UDID with Apple so that they can necessarily approve the application, especially for that purchased iPhone. Thus, the UDID is essential for the identification of the iPhone as well as its registration.

Finding the UDID on iPhone

If you wish to find out the UDID on your iPhone, you can do it in the following two ways.

Copy and Paste from iTunes

For copying and pasting from iTunes, these are the steps that you need to follow.

  • For the purpose of getting the UDID, you need to plug in your iPhone into your computer and copy iTunes out from it.
  • You need to launch iTunes and iPhone.
  • After launching iTunes, in the right pane, you need to locate the device tab.
  • Under the devices tab, click on ‘your device’. Now, you need to locate the information about your iPhone, which its name, capacity, software version, serial number, and phone number.
  • Now, it is required to reveal the Identifier by clicking on the ‘serial number’.
  • Once you click on the ‘serial number’, it should change into the UDID.
  • it is required to copy the Identifier into your clipboard by choosing ‘Edit’ and then ‘Copy’.
  • This would copy the UDID to the clipboard and it is ready to be pasted to the designated place as per requirement.

Using the Safari Browser to Launch

Now at the time of using the Safari browser on the iDevice, the below-mentioned steps need to be followed.

  • First of all, you need to launch ‘’ on the Safari browser the iDevice.
  • The screen would then show ‘So an iOS device asking you for your UDID. Yes, how do I find it? Here you need to click on ‘How do I find it?’
  • Again you need to click SuperUDID where you will be redirected to
  • You need to enter your email id where you would be receiving a link for the registration of your profile on your device.
  • Now, the link needs to click from the mail that you had received. On clicking the link you would be redirected to the settings screen.
  • Here you need to click on the install button. Once the profile is installed on your iPhone, you will be redirected back to your browser and Ta-Da. Now you would be able to see your UDID here.
  • You can then simply copy it and keep it somewhere safe or just forward it to your developer or the mobile app development company depending on the requirement.

By simply following any of the two above mentioned methods, you can find out the UDID of your iPhone. Once you have the UDID of your iPhone, you can register your profile with Apple with the help of that UDID.

On the other hand, the code can also be given to the developer or provide the same to the mobile app development service which you have hired as per the requirement.

Now, when you know how to easily and conveniently find the UDID on your iPhone, there is simply nothing to worry about and you can proceed with your task of finding the UDID on your iPhone.

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