How to Make an App Like Uber Clone: Complete Review

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How to Make an App Like Uber Clone: Complete Review

It’s a new world of technologies that we have to think about before developing an efficient, fast and easy way for our drivers. This app like Uber Clone allows consumers to access data related directly towards finding answers as well as giving them directions. People who stay in large populated cities or towns with busy traffic and lack of parking spaces don’t want to possess cars because of the services like Uber. New apps keep coming up, heated by Uber and its great success. For this, I advice that you read and follow this article on how to create an app like Uber, its features , services and how much it costs.

How to Make an App Like Uber Clone

You should be alert on how services work on the customer side if you want to build an app like Uber Clone. The performance of the app can be shown in different simple steps;

  • The customer requests a car immediately or on schedule through the app and requests are received by the drivers close by.
  • The driver may either approve or decline the ride. If the driver declines it, the request is sent to another driver.
  • The customer tracks the taxi arrival and knows the estimated time of the arrival.
  • The way of payment is cashless and the price is estimated beforehand which makes the process easier for both the customer and the driver. It’s an amazing thing to remember when you decide to create an app like Uber.

Background information about Uber app and company

Both the rider and the driver are aware of each other’s location and the arrival time of the car is no longer topical. Uber has attracted a great share of market with its app-user interaction, better marketing campaigns and error-free reports. Uber company is very large in worldwide scale which has divided its services into smaller in order to fill customer needs.

Main Features on How to Make an App Like Uber Clone

  • The user-facing APIs provide the necessary services for intergration with a modern web application without requiring complicated server, side configuration or having to write any custom code that is specific only on Uber platform.
  • Reliability is the second important consideration when developing apps using this new technology. With fast access and data, there are no issues from time series analytics while providing enough scale in the mobile applications which reduces costs removing costly infrastructure support requirements (servers).
  • Able to access settings without going into setting button under notification area.
  • Allow users who have different versions of Ios 5 on the phone or tablet to simultaneously run apps from each other.

How to build an app like Uber Clone for drivers

It’s very important to build your business the Uber way. In this session I will talk about only those features that can be very helpful for drivers and effecting for business at the same time.

1. Driver destination:

Drivers can select the preferred location and find passengers who require a ride in the same direction. This way, drivers can combine work with their personal life.

2. Driver report:

This feature is designed to enhance the safety of both the driver and the passenger. If an incident of driving in a reckless manner occurs, and continues to happen, Uber can then ban the driver who violates the rules.

3. Free cancellation:

This helps to avoid the loss of time and that come up when a customer rejects or delays the booked ride. This is a feature that an Uber-like app development must have since it doesn’t only reduce the risks for drivers but also business.

Here is how it works; the first two minutes after the car arrives are free for all the customers. If it takes much time for them to arrive at the car and start a ride, the additional charges are deducted from the passenger. However, in case a passenger has cancelled a ride, they are obliged to pay fee which is equal to a fare of base ride.

Factors that influence the Uber Clone app development cost

There are important things that should be taken into consideration to create your own Uber like app. Firstly, starting relations with your client. You expect to know their mission and vision on specific issues. A part from the main concept of the app estimated budget, forms and conditions, requirements, clients should provide their business goals and ensure to ensure their achievements.

So let’s go through some of the factors that can affect the price before deciding on the final cost of building an app like Uber Clone.

Company type

Do you own an established taxi service or you want to launch a company? The type of company is an important feature to consider before deciding on any other thing. In the first case, you want a mobile application that is developed with your business concept in mind. The creation of company involves building an app together with the business itself, which will provide some flexibility and the right budget.

App platform

Which platform do you want for your business? This is a common question for many business people. However, the answer is very easy and simple. If you want your app to be used widely, select both android and IOS. If you have the right budget, which is not an uncommon case, then you may develop an MVP based on either platform depending on your target audience and their preferences.


It’s more seasonable and advisable to build a native app instead of a hybrid one. The difference between the two depends on programming, language, architecture and many other aspects. It’s very important to work with a competent mobile development service provider if you are a non-technical founder before making any final decision on your development of an Uber-like app.

Basic features to create an app like Uber Clone for customers

  • Ride cost estimation
  • Push notification
  • Call or text the driver direct from the app
  • Registration and personal data management
  • Payment integration
  • Geo-location and routing
  • Booking a ride for other people
  • Dividing fare with companions
  • Scheduling a ride in advance

Basic features of an app like Uber Clone for drivers

  • Personal profile editing
  • Calling a passenger from the app
  • Activation or inactivation options
  • Advanced route optimization
  • Generating daily, monthly reports of past earnings and bookings
  • Driver reports
  • Heat maps
  • Driver destinations
  • Free cancellation

Technology Used to Make an App like Uber Clone

In this section you’ll find how to make an app like Uber in a technical point of view. Uber like apps are mostly based on Objective-C and JavaScript. For real time functionality and systems, the app uses Node.js and Redis.

Steps on how the Uber Clone like app works

  • To select the car, the customer requests for a ride through the app.
  • The customer is supposed to enter the source and the destination of their journey
  • They need type and the mode of payment
  • The customer then confirms the course of location
  • The app would then search for the drivers closer to the customer’s area
  • The driver accepts or declines the request
  • When the ride ends, the fee gets deducted automatically from the customer’s added payment
  • Before closing the app, the customer rates the ride based on the experience

How it Costs to Build an App like Uber Clone

  • The cost of building this app depends on various factors which include;
  • Geographical location of the app development company
  • Maintenance plan
  • The hourly rate and abilities of the development team
  • Integration
  • Designing
  • Technology used
  • Native Android/ Ios
  • Number of features and functionalities
  • The features, platform and complexity you decide to select will affect the overall development cost and also the timeline estimates.

Steps by Step Development Process for an App like Uber

Required analysis: Here, you get to know the clients, analyze their requirements and design a solution.

Documentation and blueprint: It states the laying foundation of the app timelines, milestones, documentation and initial system designs.

Development of the app: The software development team creates the ride sharing app using the coding chip! At every stage, you check the milestone achieved and the solution is determined as per your feedback.

Testing acceptance: It involves testing all the features and final solutions.

Deployment: This is where your app is deployed on the app store and reaches your target audience.

Support and maintenance: This involves enhancement of the app based on the feedback and changing needs.

Revenue Model of an App like Uber Clone

The revenue generation of Uber is based on the following sources;

  • Trip commission
  • Cancellation fee
  • Brand partnership/ advertising
  • Leasing to drivers
  • Premium rider
  • Surge pricing

Final Thoughts

As said, the final cost of your Uber Clone like app depends greatly on your personal preferences. Use the app cost calculator to find out the price of other features that you’re interested in. If you require any help in approaching your dream, get in touch with the company and you’ll get all the services you want! The managers will answer all the questions and provide with all the project estimations.

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