SEO For Small Business- 7 Smart Ways to Rank Higher on Google

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SEO For Small Business- 7 Smart Ways to Rank Higher on Google

A lot has changed in the last 2 years especially when we compare the post-covid-19 world with the pre-covid-19 one. The pandemic has completely transformed the behavior and the habits of the world. Over the last 2 years, Google searches have increased to a great extent simply because people prefer to buy and order everything online.   

In this article, we will focus on how to rank higher on Google and what is the importance of SEO for small businesses.   

What is SEO for Small Businesses?

best seo companies for small business

These stats are sufficient to give you an insight into how today people are actively using social media platforms for making their purchases. Therefore, if you’re a small business, you must get in touch with online advertising companies to reach out to your target audience easily.

On one hand, there are companies who are not ready to invest in building and strengthening their digital marketing strategies, while on the other hand there are small businesses who are not even aware of the warning signs that they need to consider in order to get in touch with a digital marketing agency

We have curated a comprehensive article for you, focusing on the need for your small business to connect with a digital marketing agency today.

For small business owners, SEO is like a magician that can take your business to new heights and also build a base of loyal potential customers.

Now let’s take a look that what are the 7 smart ways using which small businesses can rank higher on Google search.

7 Smart Ways on How to Rank Higher on Google

keyword strategy

When you are searching for ways how to rank higher on Google search, the first and foremost thing that you should do is to conduct proper keyword research. Here, the business owners need to think from the customer’s point of view and look for keywords that will be used by their audience.

Consider a hypothetical situation where you’re selling electronic products and now you should see and understand whether your customers will search for electrical products using a formal word such as a refrigerator, or a slang that is the fridge.

Now, you’re supposed to make a list of around 20 to 50 such words and then head to Google AdWords.

Once you have a comprehensive list of the keywords make sure that you use your keyword on each web page and this will help you to rank higher on Goggle.

Properly optimize the keywords throughout your website by including them in the URLs, title, and meta descriptions.

onpage grader

No matter what, in 2022 on-page SEO optimization will remain one of the best and perhaps the easiest ways to boost your rankings on Google. It does not even take much time, and you’ll be able to see the results quickly.

When we say On-Page optimization, we mean that you must include all the elements that appear on the pages of your website such as headlines, page titles, and even images.

With the on-page, make sure you don’t ignore the off-page because it is equally important. Therefore, off-page SEO will help in adding relevance for the search engines, for example getting more backlinks.

This can be further bifurcated into the following pointers-

Website meta tags

Meta tags are one of the easiest ways that will enable the users to see your site in the search results and also whether or not they click through your site.  

image alt text seo

The image alt tag will help the screen reading tools to properly describe the images and this will enable the search engines like Google to crawl better, and this will help in improving the ranking. 

technical seo optimization

Do not get overwhelmed with the word technical SEO.  In a layman’s terms technical SEO is used to make sure that your website is designed in such a manner that Google will be able to crawl and index it very easily.  

To add to this, when you’re looking for ways how to rank higher on Google, technical SEO will play an important role.  

There is doubt about the fact that content is the king, but if the search engines will not be able to find, crawl, and index your pages, all your efforts will be wasted.   

You need to make sure that the following things are properly done-  

       A) All your pages are secure.  

       B) Your site is well-optimized for the mobile.  

       C) Pages should load quickly.  

       D) All the links must work. 

seo friendly website structure

Even site structure is an integral part of the SEO strategy. And, if you’re looking to rank higher on Google, a well-built site structure will be a total game-changer.

Not many people know that the site structure has the potential to tell Google which are the most important pages on your website. Therefore, with site structure, you can easily influence which content and page will rank the highest.

We all know that a website consists of a variety of content that is presented in the form of articles and blogs. So, if you are on the lookout for different ways how to get your website higher on Google, properly plan out your site structure strategy.

Always remember that if you structure your website properly, it will help your small business in a lot of ways, and even the users will find their way to your website more easily and Google can index your URLs better.

good backlinks

Another effective strategy to rank higher on Google is by incorporating backlinks. In fact, backlinks are a crucial factor in ranking.  

With backlinks, you’ll be able to position your website at the top of the search engines. For a better understanding, backlinks will benefit you in the following ways- 

  • Better Organic Traffic

Excellent quality backlinks have the potential to significantly improve your site’s overall organic rankings. Once your web page starts to receive more links from other sites, it will rank higher.

  • Improved Site Authority

Another underrated benefit of backlinks is that it has the potential to boost your online presence. Inbound links will play a key role in helping you improve the overall site authority of your website.

  • Stronger and Efficient Networking

Top SEO companies for small businesses rely a lot on stronger and more efficient networking. As they believe that it is one of the most important ways to strengthen your network. The more people discover your site and find your content worthy, the higher your probability of building strong followers.

content writing services company

SEO copywriting can create a significant impact on your small business especially when you are looking for different techniques on how to rank higher on google searches 

We have already spoken about the importance of using the right keywords and how it can make an overall difference.  

So, once you know the right keywords make sure that you use them properly and in an efficient manner to produce a compelling copy.  

Do not overstuff the keywords, but divide them equally so that the content makes sense and is engaging for the audience. Well, SEO copywriting and user experience go hand-in-hand with one another.  

Your properly optimized content will be able to hook the reader’s attention to your website for a longer period of time and this will in turn also reduce the overall bounce rate of your website.  

Today, even copywriters are working hard to create content that readers would simply love. You can also connect with top SEO companies for small business and they will help you in drafting excellent quality content that clearly defines your brand goals and overall aim.  

Content that is engaging and interesting will not only attract the attention of the audience but will also improve your conversions across the site and drive more organic traffic to your website.  

rank tracker local

Lastly, make sure that you are closely monitoring your SEO in order to rank higher on Google. By SEO monitoring, we mean that you should be able to verify and check what is working and what is not.

Moreover, it also provides insight on how you can improve your strategies so that you are able to rank better on search engines. By conducting SEO monitoring, you’ll be able to stand when it comes to the following-

I. Organic Traffic.

II. Bounce Rate.

III. Keyword Rankings.

IV. Click-Through Rates.

V. Page-Speed.

VI. Backlinks.

VII. Conversion Rates.

With proper SEO monitoring, you’ll be better aware of the different ways by which you can do better, and this will help you with the proper crafting of the titles and the meta descriptions.

The more you practice SEO monitoring, you’ll get a better idea that what is working best for you in digital marketing and what is not.


So, If you are actively looking for effective hacks and strategies on how to get your website higher on Google, these 7 hacks will help you in the best possible way.

However, if you’re looking for professional help and assistance on how to properly optimize your website content with proper keyword search, you can get in touch with ErisnTech.

We have a well-qualified team of SEO experts who will guide you with proper keyword research and also help you to get a higher ranking on Google.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most effective way to improve your ranking is to do proper keyword research and write original content that is highly relevant for user intent associated with those keywords. DO NOT STUFF Keywords.

Yes, SEO is definitely worth it.

Search Engine Optimization is definitely worth it even your small or local business. If you’re in the market for SEO services or Looking for a second opinion about SEO, Please do not hesitate to reach out to us today for a free consultation.

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