I Have an Idea for an App, but I Don’t Know Where to Start

I have an idea for an app but I don't know how to start

I Have an Idea for an App, but I Don’t Know Where to Start

Every day you get to see news about people who came from nothing but just with a great app idea and reached great heights in life. Every time you see such stories, you might find yourself thinking, “I have an app idea but where do I start?”

But the naked truth is that millions of people have innovative app ideas, but unfortunately, only a few people know how to turn an idea into an app.

You need to execute your ideas to earn you success. Execution is everything. Only when a great idea is backed up with execution, marvelous things start to unfold.

Do you find yourself dwelling on the thought that “I have an app idea but where do I start?”

It means you’re already on the right path to turn your app ideas into something executable, and we’re here to help you out.

I have an idea for an app, now what?

With over 3.2 billion smart phone users globally, it’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is thriving.Furthermore, with a massive 8.9 million apps on the planet, mobile app development is at its peak.As a result, businesses are moving rapidly toward creating mobile apps -one of their major business strategies.

Like any other business, if you are thinking, “Hey I have an app idea but where do I start?” then you’re at the right place.

No doubt have will have a number of questions about your next steps. How to start an app? Where to start? Is my app idea good? Should I code my app or hire developers? How will people find about my new app? Should I spend on marketing my new app?

Do not fret. In this article, we will lay down all the necessary steps for transforming your wonderful app idea into a successful business appthat delivers value. So buckle up! By the end of this post, you will be getting the answer to your major question “I have an app idea but where do I start?”

Let’s go now into the details.

1. Where to Start?

You won’t believe but getting an app idea is the simplest job. Converting your app idea into an actual app requires a lot of time, hard work, and resources.Every successful app gives a solution to a problem. So the first and foremost thing is you need to know what problem your app is going to solve and for whom. Think about the features your app should have to make it more user-friendly.

Understanding what problems your app will solve can help you save your app from any danger even before getting started.

Once you’ve got the basic answer for your question “I have an app idea but where do I start?” the very next thing you need to do is validate your app idea.

2. Validate Your App Idea

“I have an app idea but where do I start?”

Given your question, it’s time to validate your app idea and compare it with other apps in the market. There are various ways to validate your app idea. Let’s look at four of them

1. Identify your target audience –

You need to find out who your audience is, what they are interested in, and what their requirements are. Put yourself in the shoes of the target audience. This will help you develop an app with features tailored to their needs.

2. Do a competitor analysis –

Before you start developing your app, you need to know who your competitors are, what their app is, what are the features they are offering, and what are the features they’ve missed out on. This will help your app stand ahead of the competition in the market.

3. Know your app’s usability –

Try to find out how your app will be useful to the users, how often will they be using it, and what role the app will play in their day-to-day life. This can help you come up with killer features in your app.

3. Determine your App Monetization Strategy

From your question, “I have an app idea but where do I start?” you will now move on to “I have an app idea but how can I make money from it?

Once you’ve come up with your ideas for a new app, you may be contemplating how exactly you’ll make money from it.

Based on your findings from the validation phase create an app monetization strategy. Monetization of the app means nothing but making a profit from your app.

There are various ways to make money from your app. The most common monetization strategies are:

1. Flat fee –

Charge users a set price to download your app

2. Third-party ads –

Incorporate third-party banners or pop-up ads within your app and make money through the ads.

3. Surcharge for add-ons and extra features –

Provide a “freemium” app where users need to pay to activate some features.

4. Pick a Trustworthy Development Partner

Once you’ve decided how you want your app to look and you’ve on decided the monetization strategy, it’s time to find an experienced and reliable app development company to bring your vision to life. There are a few things you need to consider before choosing a company that’s offering app services. A few are listed below:

  1. Visit their website and scrutinize their services and portfolio
  2. Connect with their clients via social media platforms and ask for their reviews about the development company.
  3. Look out for external testimonials on platforms like Clutch, UpFirms, Digitalogy, and Goodfirms.

If you are satisfied and have chosen a specific app development company, ensure that you have access to all the specialists you need to bring your new app development ideas to life. An ideal app development team should include a UX designer, UI designer, project head, Tech lead, software developers, and QA specialists.

When you have a strong team, they’ll bring new app ideas on how to create an app that’s attractive, engaging, and entertaining.Here at ErisnTech, our team has a diversity of experience and knowledge with a solid technical background to convert new app ideas into reality that line up precisely with our client’s vision.

5. Build an MVP Version of Your App

If you’ve started to lose patience and wanted to get the complete answer to your question “I have an app idea but where do I start?” do not leave. Wait! We’ve finally got you close to the most interesting part – building your app.

MVP refers toa Minimum Viable Product. An MVP is a loosely designed app that includes only the basic features of the app. The MVP approach doesn’t require much funding to develop your app. Furthermore, it is also the best way to test your app development ideas and find out where the holes are, and fix them. You can also get to know the users’ reactions to your app and can extend the features or functionality of your app in the future if required.

6. Launch and Test

After the MVP version of your app is ready, it’s time to roll out your app to your users. Rolling out your app in the market doesn’t mean the end of your app development process. Actually, app development is a never-ending process.

As and when your users’ expectations keep changing, you need to persistently update your app with new features and functionalities. This way you can keep the users active and engaged. Also, they can add value to your app.

Final Thoughts

By now you could have probably got the answer to your question “I have an app idea but where do I start?” Simultaneously you could have also understood that it takes a whole lot of work and dedication to bring an app idea to reality.

Okay, now you have complete information for your question “I have an app idea but where do I start?” so you know what to do if you have an app idea.

Are you still struggling with how to create an app? Stop hesitating and approach ErisnTech, a leading mobile app development company. We can give you complete information for your question “I have an app idea but where do I start?” We guide you and work with dedication to convert your dream app a reality.

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