Importance Of UI/UX Design In the eCommerce Application Development

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Importance Of UI/UX Design In the eCommerce Application Development

Given the severe level of competition in the ecommerce industry, companies are putting their best foot forward by offering an engaging and rewarding online shopping experience to the customers. From integrating the latest technology to offering a truly immersive shopping experience, there are plenty of methods that ecommerce companies are trying to boost their online sales and enhance brand awareness.

The visual appearance of the ecommerce store as well as ease of navigation is all part of the UI/UX design. Time and again, experts put emphasis on the importance of user interface and user experience in an ecommerce site. When developing an e-store, it is critical to pay heed to the UI/UX design as it is the first thing that a visitor notices about your website.

We offer the full range of ecommerce solutions, including UI/UX design. With a team of qualified designers, we specialize in developing online stores that can leave a long-lasting impression on the customers and develop brand loyalty among them. Leverage our scalable ecommerce solutions to give your customers an amazing shopping experience.

Core Principles of UI/UX Design 

There are multiple core principles of UI/UX design that designers need to use during the ecommerce development process. From determining the target audience to conducting  research to understand the latest market trends dominating the design of ecommerce stores, there are multiple steps involved.

The designers at Erisn possess proficiency in designing ecommerce applications that can help your website offer a seamless shopping experience to the customers. We create an application design that is in sync with the online user behaviour.

Benefits of UI/UX Design

There are countless ways in which focusing on UI/UX design can benefit your ecommerce store. The quality of design can either make or break the experience of a user. Here we’ve compiled a list of the benefits of good design.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is integral in determining the success of an ecommerce store. This is where the UI/UX design of the e-store can play a huge role. The ease of use, the visual design of the website or mobile application, etc., can either leave the customer with a great shopping experience or force him to close the site without purchasing anything.

We at Erisn put a great deal of effort and creativity into developing UI/UX design during the ecommerce application development process. From adding relevant call to action buttons to offering an intuitive navigation, we use a slew of time-tested tricks to ensure that the design of the site is of top quality.

More Sales

Customers who like the aesthetics of the site and find it easy to navigate are highly likely to buy products. By investing in UX design, companies can boost online sales and increase customer loyalty. Additionally, an e-store with an engaging UI/UX design attracts new users. The UX designers at Erisn facilitate social sharing and encourages customers to interact with the brand.

Revenue Boost

Better customer experience leads to more sales, which further generates more revenue for the ecommerce business. The user interface and user experience design of the application can determine the success rate of the website. E-stores with great design tend to have a lower bounce rate that further leads to a significant rise in the revenue.

Designing the website as per the user perspective is another way to connect with the target audience and make the e-store stand out from the crowd. Hiring a team of skilled designers for your ecommerce business can yield profitable gains. The designers use a variety of professional tools and the latest technology to leave a strong impression on the visitor’s mind and enhance the outreach of the ecommerce business.

As a top ecommerce solutions provider, Erisn offers excellent design services. Our designers use the modern UI elements to create an interface that increases the likelihood of a customer placing the order. They use various tools to create the UX design that ensures utility, usability, and accessibility.

Whether the customer is looking for a particular product or trying to add an item to the cart, he or she should be able to navigate the site with ease. Our UX designers ensure that the entire journey of the user on the ecommerce platform is smooth and engaging.

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