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The internet of things solutions from ErisN are aimed at providing businesses with the required boost up for the purpose of enhancing the efficiency of operation. The IOT solutions help businesses to bring about the desired changes in the different models of business. We take pride in being one of the leading IOT service providers, we always take a very good care of all the needs as and when it arises.

Order Fulfilment and Tracking Solutions

With the premium quality IOT managed services from ErisN, we help the business owners with the creation of smart as well as automated order fulfilment and tracking solutions in order to enhance the efficiency of the overall process. In addition to this, the overall process is automated which saves a lot of time as well thereby an added advantage.

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Developer Engagement Platform

We at ErisN as one of the top IOT platform providers, help in the building up of developer engagement platforms that are not only versatile in nature but also highly functional and hence ideally suitable for the intended purpose of use.

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Industry Sectors

Oil & Gas

IOT as a service from ErisN helps the oil and gas sector in the optimisation of production, reduce the cost of operations and enhancement of utilisation of assets and uptime.

Industrial Manufacturing

With our IOT applications ideas, we help the industrial manufacturing sector for the proper capitalisation of the emerging business opportunities keeping the current market trend in mind.

Engineering & Construction

Our IOT solutions are helpful for the engineering and construction industry to simplify, modernise as well as accelerate all of the projects in the best possible manner. Also, our solutions help in the reduction of the lead time costs as well as delays and at the same time enable the sector to manage risk & compliance effectively.

Hi-Tech & Consumer Electronics

We being one of the leading internet of things companies helping the hi tech electronic sector evolve in faster and innovative manner so that they are able to come up with a predictable yield that too at an optimised cost.

Automotive and Aerospace

Another of ErisN's specialisation lies in the automotive and aerospace sector where we help the companies with creative solutions to be at par with the latest industry trends.

Media & Entertainment

We serve the media and entertainment industry with some of the most advanced IOT technologies thereby helping the sector to make the measurement system for the consumption much more efficient.


Our IOT applications ideas serve great purposes for the healthcare sector in the proper and effective management of healthcare data with complete accuracy that too in a cost effective manner at the same time.

Banking & Financial Services

With our smart IOT solutions, we help the banking and financial services to have a complete tracking as well as analysis of the client's behaviour and requirements for providing them with a much better service.

Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail

With our retail IOT services, we aim to transform the way by which the customers make a purchase through different available channels. The retail IOT solutions from ErisN is providing the businesses with whatever is required for staying at par with the retail evolution.


Why Choose Us

  • We understand the exact needs of various businesses and accordingly delivery world class IOT services

  • Our team has adequate knowledge about IOT technologies and enough experience to develop IOT solutions as per requirements for the improvement of the utilisation of their assets along with reduction of their costs

  • We offer filtered IOT applications ideas for the purpose of providing maximum amount of resilience along with improved value

  • ErisN offers a complete package of IOT solutions for all of the domains so that you get everything under one roof

  • Our IOT managed services ranges from higher yield, enhanced satisfaction of the customers to smooth and much more efficient operations of all of the business processes so that there is a minimum involvement of human effort

  • ErisN's IOT solutions completely flexible that helps in driving growth thereby empowering the businesses to necessarily get a competitive edge over the others



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IOT?

IOT is the abbreviated as the internet of things and IOT as a service deals with the connection of all smart devices with the help of the internet. 

What are IOT solutions?

IOT solutions necessarily involve a very smart connection, management as well as automation of several smart devices which in turn enables the safe and very convenient transfer of data among the connected devices on the IOT platforms.

What are the benefits of IOT solutions?

Internet of things solutions play a vital role in the digital transformation which is ongoing at present that is making the world increasingly smarter with the development of more and more connections. IOT services help in the boosting up of the efficiency of operation and bring about the required change in their business models. 

Can IOT services help my small business?

The IOT managed services are appropriately suitable for all types of businesses irrespective of their sizes. The IOT services play a crucial role in the improvement of their productivity as well as efficiency which in turn ensures the smooth functioning of the business operations.

Do you offer the security of IOT systems?

Yes, we at ErisN offer very tight security of the IOT systems so as to make sure that the connected devices, as well as the network, are protected from all kinds of security threats.

Which are the cloud platforms for internet of things?

IOT platform companies offer a number of cloud platforms that are Google Cloud, IBM Watson, and Cisco IOT Cloud Connect.

Do you provide data security?

At ErisN, we offer premium quality completely secure IOT applications ideas so as to make sure that there are no data breaches. So, the users can be assured of data security while opting for IOT technologies from us.

What IOT services do you offer?

Being one of the leading IOT service providers, we offer a wide range of IOT services starting from consultation, analytics, implementation, and integration of the internet of things as a service.

Do you provide scalable IOT solutions?

We at ErisN is one of the premium IOT platform providers offer highly scalable services on the internet which is capable enough of accommodating the newer needs with the passage of time thereby quite efficiently tackling the overloading of data in the time to come. 

I need IOT solutions that appropriately suits the need of my business. Can you provide me with that?

At ErisN, we necessarily offer customized IOT solutions that are just ideally suited to match all the specific requirements of your business so as to ensure a hundred percent satisfaction.

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