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Erisn’s mobile application development services can help you develop a feature-rich and robust app for your business. We offer the full range of mobile web application services to ensure an engaging and seamless experience for the customers of your business.


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Consult with Experts

Consult with our team of mobile application development experts to make them understand your business requirements, budget, and goals.

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Hand-pick the team of professionals for developing a mobile app with the experts to ensure the final product is as per their requirement.


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We have a team of highly talented and skilled individuals working around the clock to ensure our clients receive best-in-class services.

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Business Shaped Solutions

We are specialists in both economics and information technologies and we apply our full range of talent to creating the perfect solution for each client’s needs.

Android App Development Android App Development

iOS App Development iOS App Development

Hybrid App Development Hybrid App Development

Android App Development Services

We offer end-to-end Android app development services to businesses that want to take advantage of Android’s massive market share.

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iOS App Development Services

As a top mobile application company, we excel in building scalable custom iOS apps. Our experts develop fully-functioning apps for a variety of iOS devices.

Hybrid App Development Services

We offer Hybrid app development services in the native browser to businesses that want to take advantage of massive market share.

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Mobile Application Development


Want to offer an interactive learning experience to your users? We can develop customized feature-rich mobile app solutions for businesses in the education sector.


Transforming the healthcare industry by using cutting-edge technologies like automation. We possess the required skills to develop world-class apps for the healthcare industry.



A delivery app can help you accelerate your business in the right direction. Take advantage of our mobile application development services and offer a top-performing app to your customers.



Among the top app creation companies, Erisn has a specialized team of professionals who can build top-quality apps to ensure enhanced shopping experience for the customers.

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Social Networking

If you want a social media app developed for your customers, then our experts can help you build a fast mobile app that offers a truly unique and engaging experience to the users.


We offer tailor-made mobile web application services for the banking industry. With a well-built app, you can provide top-quality banking services to your businesses.

Food Service

With more restaurant businesses going online, food service apps are in high demand. Let your customers place an order online on a fast and feature-rich mobile app.


We possess expertise in building fitness apps for different platforms. Our experts use the latest technology to create robust apps.


Build an attractive and feature-laden mobile app solutions for your travel agency and help your business thrive in the fiercely competitive marketplace.



Firms in the media industry can offer a comprehensive digital platform for their clients and users by developing a user-friendly mobile app solution.



Use our services to get a fast and flexible mobile app solution for the hospitality industry that can boost customer satisfaction.

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Quality Assurance

The team of experts at Erisn possesses the required technical and creative skillset to deliver top-quality services. Our team constantly thrives on providing the best mobile app development services. They use a myriad of the latest tools and technology to build attractive and functional apps.


The team of experts at Erisn possesses the required technical and creative skillset to deliver top-quality services. Our team constantly thrives on providing the best mobile app development services. They use a myriad of the latest tools and technology to build attractive and functional apps.

Quality assurance is of utmost importance at Erisn. We provide world-class services to our clients by testing the developed apps. Based on the result of the tests, we fix errors to ensure that the app can provide the best user experience.


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Discover Frequently Asked Questions from Our Support

What is mobile application development?

Mobile application development is the process that involves building applications specifically for smartphones. The steps involved are ideation, planning, creating, testing, and launching.

Do you build mobile apps for different platforms?

We’re among the top mobile application development companies developing mobile apps for a variety of platforms. Whether you want a native iOS app or a cross-platform app that runs on Android and iOS, we’re happy to help.

What are the different types of mobile apps you can develop?

Erisn is a leading mobile app development service provider company that builds different types of mobile apps. Our developers specialize in building native, hybrid, web, and progressive web apps. Different types of mobile apps have their own set of pros and cons. At Erisn, we believe in offering customized services, therefore, our consultants help businesses pick the right type of mobile app for their business.

How do I know which type of app is best for my business?

Our custom application services involve asking various questions to our clients. We enquire about the client requirements, find out how fast they want their mobile application to be, and the overall budget that they’re willing to dedicate to the application building process. Based on the answers of these questions, we help our clients select an app type that would yield maximum benefits for the business.

How much time will you take to develop an app?

The mobile application development is a multi-layered process, and, thus, it takes anywhere between 3 to 6 months to create an app. At Erisn, we strictly follow a structured approach to ensure the timely delivery of the services.

What is the difference between native app development and cross-platform development?

Cross-platform apps are compatible with multiple platforms, while native apps are specifically built for a particular platform. Choosing one framework over the other requires proper research.

What types of industries have you served?

We’ve catered to numerous industries ranging from tourism and hospitality to healthcare. Some of the top industries we serve as ecommerce, education, booking, logistics, etc. Our developers are proficient in building robust and feature-rich applications for businesses across industries.

I want to modify an existing app? Can you do that?

Yes. We extend our application development services to modifying existing applications. If you want to improve an existing app and boost its functionality, our team of developers can help you with that.

How can application development benefit my business?

Any business that wants to reinforce the brand value in the marketplace and offer a better experience to the customers should consider app development. An app is an excellent tool to conduct business, engage with customers, and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Is it possible to make changes to an app after its launch?

Yes. However, it would depend on the type of change you want to make. To avoid client dissatisfaction, our team of android app experts keeps the clients well informed through the app development process. From sharing the info about the prototype to seeking feedback regarding the design, we keep the clients in the loop to ensure that the developed app meets their requirement.

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Here at Erisn, we put emphasis on client requirements and take a data-driven approach to build mobile web apps that help the business accelerate growth. As a leading business app development firm, we follow a structured approach to ensure that the entire process is hassle-free, and the final product suits the client’s needs.

Our developers use a host of latest tools and technologies whilst using the latest market research to create a mobile app that helps your business reach out to the maximum audience. We have an experienced team of proficient developers who’re certified in the field. They’re constantly striving to develop mobile apps that allow the business to earn a maximum gain.


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