By: Thriveni
On: 22-January-2020

New ways to Get more Followers on Instagram

Social Media has been the trend in recent times which is exactly the reason why the marketers are looking forward to making the most of the social media platforms for the promotion as well as advertising the business. Among all the social media platforms Instagram is one of the very popular platforms.

Instagram is naturally a very good place for various brands of different shapes as well as sizes to get the right amount of exposure. However, growing engagement, as well as a loyal audience on the platform, is not such an easy task. This is exactly where the businesses aim at growing their followers on Instagram.

The most important two questions that arise here in this regard are as follows.

1) How to get Instagram followers?
2) How to get more Instagram followers?

The answers to both of these questions are as mentioned below.

Complete and Branded Instagram Profile

The first and most important thing to do to get more Instagram followers is to have a complete as well as a branded profile. You need to make sure that the Instagram profile is fully complete so that it looks like as a whole with simply nothing incomplete. It is also very important to make sure that the profile is a branded one.

If the business Instagram profile is branded, there are high chances that the visitors are very likely to hit the ‘Follow’ button. When any visitor browses through your Instagram profile, they will simply decide in a matter of just a few seconds whether to follow your business or not. Now, the question is how do they make this decision.

This is very simply by quickly scrolling through all the feed, reading the bio, or by clicking on the story highlights. Thus, it keeping your Instagram profile fully complete as well as brand is exactly how to get likes and followers on Instagram.

Using Hashtags and Location Tags in The Instagram Stories

Another of the top ways to boost Instagram followers is to make use of hashtags as well as location tags in your Instagram stories. As a brand, you need to make sure to be more creative with your stories so as to try to reach new audiences and simply boost up the followers to a significant extent.

There are a number of creative tools available that should necessarily be used in the best possible way and create highly interesting stories for the attraction of more and more followers. But at the same time, it is of immense importance to always remember the basics at the time when it comes to the optimization of your Instagram Stories while you are quite busy testing out all of the new features.

The Instagram Stories actually appear on the Instagram Explore page, which means that the people who do not even follow you are still able to find you and watch your stories. Thus, it is important to keep the same in mind at all times.

Sharing Selfies Matters a Lot

Actually none can deny that Instagram is still a very social place where most of the people want to follow the accounts which they can relate to, irrespective of the fact whether it is a brand, an influencer, or any person whom they went to high school with.

Thus, it becomes extremely important to make your Instagram profile as personable as well as relatable as possible. You need to really show off exactly what your brand and business is all about if you are really keen to get more Instagram followers. So, sharing selfies can necessarily make your account more personable and relatable which boosts up the chances of growing the base of followers.

Creation of Instagram Ads

To grow Instagram followers, the creation of ads plays quite a crucial role. Instagram is an extremely competitive marketplace for all of the brands, but there is actually a very good and real opportunity to build as well as increase Instagram followers if you are able to present the right type of ads to new audiences.
This is basically about creating the ads that are appropriately suited to your audiences where they get to see what exactly they want to.

Promoting the Instagram Content on Other Platforms

If you are really keen on Insta followers gain, then it is high time to think about your Instagram strategy as a part of your larger marketing efforts and necessarily look forward to ways of growing outside Instagram.

This can be quite easily done by the promotion of the Instagram content on other social media platforms. Doing so can significantly bring in a lot of new followers which would be certainly of great benefit.

Following the tips mentioned above can help you to get more Instagram followers within a very short duration of time.