PPC Services

Erisn's personalized pay per click services aim at delivering targeted marketing campaigns that drive more traffic to the website and increase the website's visibility. The skilled and experienced team of pay per click specialist at Erisn design strategies that yield profitable results for the business.

Our PPC Package
Up to ₹ 1,00,000 ₹ 1,00,000 to ₹ 1,50,000 Custom Price
Keywords in campaign Up To 200 Up To 800 Get Quote
Google PPC Network
Bing PPC Networks
A/B Testing
Converstion Tracking
ROI Tracking
Google Shopping Ads
Google Display Network
YouTube Video Ads(Clients need to provide video)
Google customer match & audience match
Initial campaign development & strategy
Advanced keyword research and selection
Goal Conversion Implementation
Industry analysis
App Installer
International Campaigns(Non-English) - Each additional language monthly management cost: ₹ 15000/- ₹ 25000/-
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Our PPC Service Include

Search Advertising

We're a leading pay per click advertising company that offers search advertising services. It is a popular form of PPC advertising that involves placing advertisements in online search to generate more qualified leads for the business.

Display Advertising

Erisn is a trusted PPC advertising firm where experts offer display advertising services to enhance your website’s online visibility. It involves using logos, images, videos, etc., in Google ads.


We specialize in delivering effective remarketing services that helps you connect with the past customers or visitors of the website. Our targeted ads help you achieve powerful results.

Shopping Ads

Our PPC shopping ads are designed to yield fast and effective results. Shopping ads on popular search engines like Google and Bing can lead to an increase in the click-through rate and overall sales.

Other Specialized Paid Advertising Service

Proces on Paid Search


Why Choose Us

Erisn is among the most trusted and reliable PPC advertising companies. With a team of dedicated PPC specialists, we offer top quality PPC services & solutions that can help your website outrank the competitors.

Informed and data-driven decisions
Continuous and effective optimization of the PPC campaign
Reasonable PPC management pricing
Smart strategies that lead to profitable results
Google AdWords management service for higher visibility
FAQs For Paid Search
01What is PPC marketing?

Pay-per-click marketing is an effective way of increasing traffic to the website by generating clicks. This is an internet advertising model that involves advertisers paying a certain sum of money each time a user clicks on their advertisement. This is a time-tested marketing model that yields positive, trackable, and measurable results. 


02I want to do PPC marketing myself. Can I?

PPC marketing is a form of advertising that you can do yourself. Anyone can set up a basic PPC campaign. However, for achieving desirable results it is highly recommended to entrust the campaign to a pay per click advertising company. Hiring an agency is the best way to get the most out of the PPC campaign as they handle everything from bid management to ad tracking. ErisN is a well trusted and established pay per click firm that has a dedicated team of professionals who possess the expertise in PPC campaign management services. 


03Is PPC marketing effective?

Yes. In the last few years, PPC marketing has emerged as an effective strategy for increasing customer base, driving web traffic, and achieving business goals. PPC marketing is used by small and large firms to get potential customers to the website. A lot of established businesses use the services of professional PPC marketing companies to thrive in the online marketplace and help their business become successful. 

04What does PPC marketing provide?

PPC marketing provides businesses an opportunity to get ahead in the competitive digital world. This advertising model can help you tap into a wide network of customers online and attract them to your website. It is a surefire way to boost web traffic and increase sales. 


05Can I track the results of PPC marketing?

Yes. One of the things that set PPC marketing apart from other advertising models is that its results are measurable and trackable. PPC services yield measurable results that can help you track the progress of the campaign and make the required changes to the existing one to get better results. Within a short span of time, you will be able to generate more leads for the business and ultimately increase the profits. A pay per click marketing agency shares the performance data to keep you well informed about the progress. Also, you get to analyze the performance of the campaign by using Google analytics to get a clear picture. 

06What opportunities does PPC offer?

A successful PPC marketing campaign can help your business increase its customer base. That is an excellent way to achieve business goals. With the help of pay per click services, you can increase brand awareness among online customers. Additionally, unlike other advertising tools, PPC marketing can yield faster results and give your business an edge in today’s competitive marketplace. A business can reach out to its specific audiences and enhance brand awareness among them. 

07How PPC grow customer base?

With PPC you can increase the customer base for your business. As per the reports, a majority of people searching for products and services online click on ads. When a customer searches online, clicks on an ad and is directed to your website, you get to increase your customer base. The website should have information and products relevant to the search of the user to ensure the best user experience. 


08What will PPC cost?

The cost of PPC marketing is usually quite high when compared to other online advertising services. PPC management pricing tends to vary from one PPC advertising firm to another. However, you can expect a reasonably high return on investment for getting PPC marketing services for your business. The cost may also vary depending on the service that you require. For instance, the cost of Adwords management service is different from Google Ad customer service. Contact us to get to speak to a PPC marketing expert who can help you understand the total costs involved in getting this service. 

09How can PPC benefit your business?

There are numerous ways in which get PPC marketing services can benefit your business to achieve its target and goals. The incredible targeting abilities of this type of advertising can help your business grow and get ahead of the competition in the digital world. Also, the different tools of PPC marketing such as Google Ads and Bing Ads can effectively increase the organic traffic to your website. 


10What are Google Ads and Bing Ads?

Online advertising platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads are used by businesses and PPC advertising companies for pay per click services. Google Ads is the advertising service that allows you to create online ads and attract customers to your website. Similarly, Bing Ads is also an advertising platform by Bing that lets you use the popular search engine for increasing the traffic to your website.