Product Development

The product development services offered at ErisN plays a vital role in aligning the business strategies of the companies with all its products. This is because of the involvement of various methods as well as practices which necessarily help in the reduction of risks or uncertainties associated with the products that are envisioned. The product development team of ErisN believes in offering top quality product development services. We at ErisN follow an approach that is highly collaborative in nature for the purpose of development of products. With our unique and innovative products, we keep up with the pace of the expectations of the customers. We always aim to incorporate new technologies as well as architecture for offering beneficial product development services to our customers. ErisN’s typical models necessarily include end to end product
development services for meeting the specific needs of the customers

Why Choose Us?

  • Excellent product conceptualisation and the application of right engineering practices makes sure to produce successful outcomes

  • The models so used by us are benchmarked and undergo constant improvement with modernisation of technology and better practices

  • We incorporate project specific models that are particularly tailored from the standard models as per the needs of the users

  • At ErisN, we make use of cutting edge applications for the purpose of meeting the business requirements of the customers along with the maximisation of ROI

  • We offer on time and reasonably priced product development services for the achievement of responsive customer support

Solutions We Offer

Here is how we at ErisN offer product development solutions

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Generation of Ideas

We offer innovative and unique ideas in relation to the development of the products. Our team of developers conceptualises the product in the most appropriate way by the proper exploration of the products that are already existing. A comparative study is done for finally prototyping the product.

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Product Development and Testing

ErisN develops the products as per the needs and requirements of the users based on the product conceptualisation and designs. Here the concept is developed practically for the building up the product that is needed. The product so developed undergoes a series of tests carried out by the testing team at ErisN. Proper & effective testing makes sure that the developed product is functional and usable. The team at ErisN takes a very good care to ensure the elimination of flaws if any during the process of testing.

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Design of Products and Engineering

After the conceptualisation of the product is done, the designing and engineering works are carried out. Proper architecture modelling as well as design of the key parts of the product is chalked out by the professional team of developers at ErisN.

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Implementation of the Product

The implementation is the ultimate step of product development. Here, ErisN’s team finally implements the product so that it is just ready to be used. The team of developers put the product to use and check if it works as per the expectations. If any flaws come up, ErisN’s team rectifies those almost instantaneously to the developed product to commercial usage.



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