Real-Time Vehicle Location Tracking Through Mobile Apps – How Can it Help your Business?

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Real-Time Vehicle Location Tracking Through Mobile Apps – How Can it Help your Business?

Vehicle location tracking via mobile apps is a feature that is made possible through the advancements in mechatronics. Geolocation and Geo-fencing have come a long way since the rise of mobile technologies.

Real-time tracking features have become available on all major mobile devices. There are many industries including transport and logistics that have profited from this technology.

According to a study, the global market share of vehicle location tracking devices is projected to reach 3 billion USD by the year 2025. The main reason behind this projection is the growth in vehicle tracking apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Here are some important aspects that you need to know about real-time vehicle tracking with the help of mobile apps.

What are the Advantages of Vehicle Location Tracking?

1. Reduced Fuel Consumption

There is no denying that fuel prices are on a rise. So it becomes important to save fuel in order to generate profit. A fuel sensor connected with a mobile app will exchange data in real-time to solve this problem.

2. Remote Control on Your Fleet

Real-time information is needed to constantly track your vehicle location. GPS tracking enables a continuous uplink with your vehicle fleet. This will allow you to instantly respond to any issues in a timely manner.

3. Resource Allocation

A transport business owner may have more than ten vehicles in his fleet. This makes it complex for them to sort the availability of vehicles during the booking process. A car tracking app coupled with a calendar will make it easier for you to allocate your resources.

4.Theft Protection

A mobile app capable of tracking car location continuously relays the data to you in real-time. It will even be able to tell you when one of your vehicles goes off-course. Mobile apps integrated with modern GPS technology will help you track your vehicle location, preventing any theft.

5. Driver Safety  & Performance

Drivers are the backbone of any transportation and logistics business. A vehicle location tracking app will check the fuel status and driving behavior. This will determine the performance and eventually the safety of your driver.

Why Do You Need a Mobile App for Vehicle Location Tracking?

1. Cloud-based Solution

A mobile app will support a cloud-based solution for your fleet management which will be faster. Mobile devices are easy to manage and user-friendly. Multiple features can be integrated into a single mobile app.

2. Portability

Although there are many types of vehicle location tracking devices in the market, a mobile device is owned by everyone. Both drivers and fleet managers carry mobile devices with which they can easily coordinate.

3. Easy Communication

Mobile applications can be custom developed which can include a messaging or calling feature. So even during an emergency, the manager can convey the message to the driver on the same mobile app.

4. Platform Flexibility

To target a mass audience, app developers build vehicle tracking apps for Android and iOS platforms. Regardless of platforms, the people searching for ‘how to track vehicle location’ can find their app.

5. Low Maintenance

If you take your business off the paper and on to your phone, you can reduce the maintenance cost of your business to half. The paper and the resource needed to manage your fleet can be handled completely on your mobile app.

Which Important Features to Look for While Selecting a Vehicle Tracking App?

1. Real-time Location

An app relaying the data in real-time makes tracking car locations easier. The mobile device’s GPS will use the Google Map or Apple Maps depending on the platform. This real-time tracking will find the status of all the vehicles in your fleet.

2. Easy Report Generator

A report generator feature will create a sheet displaying the location of every vehicle in the fleet at any given point in time. This report can also be proof of location if any issues arise later during the trip.

3. Notifications

When one of the vehicles completes a trip, the manager should be notified about the completion of the task. This will help the manager to make future bookings and allocate further tasks. This feature will save time and money for fleet managers.

4. In-app Chatting

The car tracking app should have an in-app chat feature that will allow the driver and the fleet manager to communicate in case of an emergency. This feature can also be used to convey any information needed for the on-going trip.

5. Driving History

The driving history feature will keep a record of deliveries, drivers, and vehicles. This will allow them to track the on-going shipment and prevent redundant deliveries. Any previous orders and previous trips of drivers can be tracked with this feature.


While searching ‘how to track vehicle location’, don’t forget to consider the aspects mentioned in the article. Having a mobile app for vehicle location tracking can really help your logistics and transport business. The GPS and Geofencing features will keep improving as mobile technology will advance. If you have a transportation or logistics business, you need to have a mobile app to track your vehicle.

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