Which is Better for Startups – Saas Vs Custom eCommerce Development Platforms?

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Which is Better for Startups – Saas Vs Custom eCommerce Development Platforms?

Nowadays, more businesses are going online as ecommerce is a flourishing industry and a majority of the customers prefer buying products online than from brick and mortar stores. However, when it comes to starting an ecommerce business, there is more than what meets the eye, especially when it comes to picking the platform for ecommerce solutions.

Saas Vs Custom eCommerce Development Platforms?

The platform you pick for the development of the ecommerce store can play a huge role in the success of your ecommerce business. Businesses have two options, either go with an ecommerce model that provides readymade solutions or hire a company to develop and design an ecommerce store. This is where the decision to pick between SaaS and custom ecommerce development platform comes into the picture.

The biggest dilemma that startups face is whether they can build an ecommerce store using SaaS or a fully customizable platform. Both of these models offer benefits and are limited in their own ways. In today’s article, we help you understand which option is better for a startup.


Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is one of the most widely-used ecommerce platforms. The cloud-based system provides an off-the-rack solution. Using or managing a SaaS platform does not require technical prowess as it is extremely easy to use. Experts often say that the SaaS-based platform is best suited for an ecommerce business. Startups and small-scale ecommerce businesses can use SaaS for ecommerce solutions as it is less complex and involves little investment.

With this option, an ecommerce business gets readymade ecommerce solutions for a monthly fee. Though it seems like the ideal option, there are many ways in which SaaS-based ecommerce platforms fall short than customized platforms. A SaaS-based platform is less scalable and flexible. Also, it comes with fewer features.

Custom Ecommerce Platforms 

Customized ecommerce platforms are the top choices of well-established ecommerce businesses. Unlike the restrictive SaaS-based platform, the custom platform lets businesses use a myriad of technologies without any limitations. Not only is a fully-customizable ecommerce platform more scalable and flexible, but it also boasts a plethora of advanced features.

The customization feature of this platform makes it an ideal choice for ecommerce companies looking for a model that allows them to integrate the features of their liking and pick a design that best suits their brand. However, as one can expect, a custom platform requires a great deal of investment. That is why most startups give up on this option and opt for SaaS and other ecommerce platforms.

If you’re a startup struggling to make a choice between SaaS and custom ecommerce model, then it is essential to weigh in the pros and cons of both the platforms and compare their features. Read on to know about the various ways in which SaaS and custom ecommerce differ from each other.


For ecommerce companies just getting started, SaaS is the perfect option as the implementation cost for this platform is relatively less. On the other hand, a custom ecommerce development platform is considered to be a viable option for firms that can splurge money without any hesitation. The higher costing involved with this platform makes it an expensive option for a startup on a shoestring budget.


The time factor of the SaaS platform makes it a far superior option that a custom ecommerce platform. With SaaS technology, your business can get ecommerce software within a day’s time. An ecommerce development agency may take anywhere between 2 to 3 months or more to finish the work using the custom ecommerce development platform.


Scalability is the key factor. Whenever you’re picking the platform for ecommerce development, it is critical to pick the one  that is scalable. In terms of scalability, custom ecommerce reigns supreme as with this platform, you get the option to build a system that is fully scalable. On the other hand, SaaS allows limited scalability features.


Though custom ecommerce development is an expensive investment, it is a worthwhile one as it yields great profit for the business. It is a feature-rich platform that lets you develop top-quality ecommerce applications that generates maximum results for the business. However, SaaS ecommerce platform are known to be less profitable.

Final Thoughts

If a startup is looking for an ecommerce development platform that involves less up-front cost and maintenance charge, then SaaS is far better an option than a custom platform. On the other hand, if a company wants a customizable and feature-rich software, then opting for a custom ecommerce development platform may be the right call.

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