Top 11 Hacks to increase your Audience on Social Media

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Top 11 Hacks to increase your Audience on Social Media

 If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur who is looking to reap the benefits of the proven social media hacks now is the right time to seek help and expertise from a social media marketing consultant. Well, a social media marketing platform will not only grow your business but also take it to new heights. The majority of companies are taking all the necessary steps to stay ahead of their competitors and keep their business afloat. In today’s time, social media has become the lifeline of today’s marketing strategy. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the 11 social media marketing hacks that will increase your audience in 2022. These days businesses across the globe should run multiple social media accounts and even reach out to the right people at the right time. It has become imperative to keep up with the latest social media trends that will keep you ahead in this race. This can be further enhanced by establishing and developing good and healthy relationships with your audience. With a social media marketing platform, you can stay ahead of business. If you are someone who is not only trying to take their branding efforts to a new level but also trying to increase your audience through social media hacks, then this article is for you!

With the evolution of technology, our life has changed drastically and this has also impacted our business goals and outcomes. To stay connected with the right set of target audiences, businesses should invest in a good and strategic social media marketing plan that will help them to stay ahead thereby building a loyal base of audience. Social media has become more important in recent times especially when it comes to managing your own business. You can easily manage and monitor social media accounts with the help of a social media marketing agency for small businesses. But the good news is that with the right social media hacks and tricks you can build a loyal base of the audience for your business.   

11 Steps to Increase Your Audience on Social Media:

 1. Focus on Quality Content   

 By quality content we mean try to talk about topics that are trendy and will help you to connect to the larger segment of the audience. In this technological age, the internet is dominating every sphere of business, and information can reach people with ease. In fact, a social media marketing consultant will be able to guide you on the topics that are trendy and has the potential to go viral.  

And trendy topics will not only garner the attention of the audience but will also bring them to your platform for an extended period. So, you must work on hot and trendy topics, and try incorporating appropriate and trendy hashtags to reach out to the potential audience more easily. Using retweets, shares, and likes, your posts will go viral across social media channels quickly. 

2. Share Your Page and Invite People to Like Them

 Another common and effective social media hack to increase your audience is to create a list of people who like your posts and then invite them to like your page. When curating the invite, make sure that the invite is not simple, bland, or boring. Talk about the things that your business does and add valuable information and offers which will attract potential customers to your business account. This is a lesser-known hack and as a social media strategist, you can use this hack once a week to reach out to the potential base of the target audience.   

3. Increase Traffic by Sharing Content

Other effective social media hack that the social marketing agency will stress is to post your well-written and relevant content across different social media platforms at once. You can even make use of different content curation tools for this purpose. And the best feature of such tools is that you can easily schedule your content which will make the sharing task easy and effortless. We all have heard that “content is king” and it is 100% true. Well-planned and strategically well-designed content has the potential to go viral. In case you own many social media accounts, posting and sharing social media content manually after a regular interval seems to be an impossible task. Sometimes there can be a situation where you may need to publish some posts in the early morning and some at midnight because of the possibility of your audience’s time zone. Therefore, investing in an inexpensive and simple social media management tool is the perfect and a sure short solution to this problem. You’ll come across a plethora of apps, so choose the one that fits your needs the best and will automate your content posting across different accounts.

4. Use Emoticons

Emoticons in communication are an excellent way to connect with your target audience on a personal level. Neil Patel, a well-known marketer, blogger, entrepreneur, and author found that around 92% of people use emojis, and businesses can use this information to build stable, and healthy relationships with their potential target audience on a much more personal level. You must grow your business with social media as a part of the modern marketing strategy. And always remember that emoticons and gifs are vital in communication and using them in captions makes the content more engaging. You can use an endless number of smiles, faces, hearts, animals, gifts, etc. To spread the message across effectively.   

5. Analyze and Identify the Best Posting Time 

Are you posting your social media content at any time? Does the posting time matter? If yes, then what is the best time to post? These are some of the common questions that can come to your mind when scheduling posts. No matter how engaging and enriching your content is, or how enticing your Instagram photos are, the success largely depends on the posting times. Every social media platform comes with a set of specific audiences and times when the users scroll through. So, do your research and determine the right time to publish your content on different platforms by looking at the analytics. Try to gather sufficient information and find out about the slot that the audience visits on each platform whether it is in the morning time or during the lunch breaks. Based on your research and findings, construct your marketing plan, and schedule your social media postings accordingly. You must be wondering, are these timings fixed? Well, no because the timings can change during the festive months and holidays.   

6. Emphasize More on Engagement than Vanity

Vanity metrics are nothing but the total number of likes and followers you get on social media platforms. It can be used to see how your content engages your audience. On one hand, likes show that your posts are doing well, and engagement like comments and conversion reflects that the audience is genuinely interested in your products and services and even the information you share. Various social media channels such as Facebook (Meta), Instagram, and Twitter, offer analytics tools for free that can provide you with complete information, that is what type of content attracts more attention on your page. These tools will enable you to find out what audiences are responding to. Once you get the hold of these tools, find out the content that performs well, and customize it according to your audience’s choice.   

7. Thoroughly Utilize the Power of Social Media Stories  

Social media apps undergo a range of updates and almost every platform offers the feature of posting stories, so make sure that you properly utilize the story feature. Instagram stories will allow the users to post their photos and videos at the top of your feed and they will vanish automatically after 24 hours. With social marketing agencies, you can communicate with followers, gather feedback, and stimulate potential customers for your business freshly and creatively. And this feature is free. So, make it a regular habit to add stories to your Instagram and Meta account stories. Make sure that the stories you post should interact potentially with the viewers. You can add polls, questions, or even stickers and make it more engaging and helpful to increase your followers.  Ensure that your social media graphics are attractive and will draw your audience’s attention.   

8. Explore Instagram Stickers to Add to Your Story  

Today, the majority of people are using Instagram for their small businesses simply because the global pandemic has affected many people and their livelihood. Therefore, social media platforms are helping such people by providing them with a platform to reach out to their potential customers. Well-established firms and organizations have come up with different ways to help them sail through the crisis. Platforms such as Instagram have come up with quirky and unique stickers to bring more traffic to your website especially when you add them to your Instagram stories. Small businesses and firms also have an option to add stickers when publishing an Instagram story. These stickers can include buttons for shopping gift cards, ordering meals, and even if you want to donate to a fundraiser. Each of these sticker buttons will link the users to a partner website so that you can complete the required action, for instance, donating to a fundraiser, or ordering food. Using these stickers, you can easily let your business reach your potential customers. To use the stickers effectively you can also seek professional help from a social marketing agency.

9. Edit Photos

If you’re planning to share the photos on your social media platforms, make sure you get them ready before you publish them. Make your photos attractive by adding text and frames. The best way to edit the photos is by using free online tools such as Canva, etc., which will enable you to make your photos ready for posting. These tools offer more than 1,000 templates that you can use for editing and making your photos more appealing and personal.   

 10. Properly Optimize Relevant Tags 

Social media and hashtags go hand in hand! It is very important to properly optimize your tags and the ones that are relevant so that you can easily control how your content looks on social feeds when they’re shared by the audience. And trust us, this will make a massive difference to the overall success of your campaigns.   

11. Use Same Profile Picture Across all the Social Media Platforms  

Another lesser-known social media hack is that you must use the same profile picture on all the social media platforms. Simply because it is easier for your followers to remember who you are. Just think of a hypothetical situation wherein you’re scrolling through the Twitter feed, and you see an image and you’re able to recognize it quickly. Instantly, the brand image and every piece of information will stick to your mind. Then when you head to Facebook and see the image again, you’re smart enough to check them out and follow it. Having a similar and consistent profile image will help you stand out in the crowd. And if users keep seeing your name pop up on social feeds, it will become easy to recognize you. 


Whether you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur these 11 social media hacks will come to your immediate rescue. Well, it can be challenging to stay connected to your community during these uncertain times, but incorporating these hacks into your marketing strategy will enable you to stay connected and engaged. Your followers will respond to your posts and even support your business. If you’re looking for a professional social marketing agency, you can reach out to ErisnTech and they will help you in the planning and the implementation of an effective social media strategy. Our social media marketing consultant will help you in the drafting and implementation of an effective social media strategy.  Book your consultation now!  


Frequently Asked Questions

Measuring social media engagement is important because it provides you with insights into how well your content is reaching your customers. You can use this information to optimise posts in the future or improve your products and services. It also gives you a communication metric to track your performance over time.

Social media can help you engage with your customers and find out what people are saying about your business. You can also use social media for advertising, promotional giveaways and mobile applications. Social media can help your business to attract customers, get customer feedback and build customer loyalty.

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