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ErisN’s technical prowess and familiarity of the travel, transport, and hospital sector helps the business outperform the competition in the industry. We use an array of latest tools and technologies to develop flexible, scalable, and customized software solutions specific for the sector.

Our Approach

With the advancement of technology, the travel, transport and hospital sector are intending to invest in the rising technology. This is exactly where ErisN excels in providing the required technologies in very expertly formulated solutions so as to enhance the experiences of the customers. In an addition to this, we at ErisN always try to present various new opportunities to the travel, transport and hospital sector by offering top- quality travel software solutions and hospital software solutions for emerging out to be the best in the market. Our team of professionals is always driving on innovation and is looking forward to explore new prospects for serving the travel, transport and hospital sector in the best possible way.

Travel Transport & Hospital Services We Offer

Analytics and Digital

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ErisN offers expert advice, valuable as well as actionable insights for developing travel agency management system and hospital management software. Our designs integrate features like ease of navigation and speed to ensure top-performing applications. We use a variety of robust tools that help the businesses in this industry to properly sustain the IT modernisation with ease, convenience and affordability.

Application Services

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With our development and application services for the travel, transport and hospital sector companies in this industry can offer hassle free business transformation to their customers. Led by digitalization, our customer-oriented solutions lead to a reduction in cost improvement in productivity.

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Why Choose us

Listed below are some of the top reasons why you should choose ErisN as the IT solutions provider for travel, transport, and hospital sector

  • Best-in-class and cost-effective travel software solutions.

  • Responsive and flexible travel agency management system.

  • Expertise in developing a complete range of end-to-end hospitality software solutions.

  • In-depth knowledge and superior skill set in providing customized solutions relevant for tourism, transport, and hospital industry.

  • Application of latest tools and technologies to meet the industry-specific requirements and outperform the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer for travel portal related business?

ErisN offers an array of travel software solutions. We design and develop robust travel agency management system such as online travel agency software and corporate travel software.

What is a travel agency software?

A travel agency software is an application that helps automate different business operations of a business in the tourism industry.

What are the advantages of using a travel agency software?

With a well-designed travel agency software, companies can not only automate business operations but also increase the visibility of their business and reach out to potential customers.

What are the top features a travel agency management system should have?

A travel agency management system must have an efficient inventory management system, provide after-sales services and offer services on multiple channels.

Is an online travel agency software essential for a business?

Yes. With an online travel agency software, you offer real-time services and information to your customers and boost online sales.

What is a hospital management software?

A hospital management software is a computer-based application that is specifically designed to meet the challenging requirements of the healthcare industry and streamline a slew of tasks.

Are there any benefits of implementing a hospital management system?

From providing a safe and secure platform for keeping medical records to reducing cost and improving efficiency, there are plenty of ways in which a hospital management system can prove to be beneficial.

What are the main features of a hospital management software?

A hospital management software should be easy to use, operate efficiently with less load time, require least amount of human intervention, and hassle-free processing of insurance claims.

Do you customize your services for the hospitality industry?

Yes. With years of expertise in the hospitality industry, we possess the required skillset to offer industry-specific hospitality software solutions.

Do you provide post-deployment support?

ErisN has a steadfast support team of dedicated professionals who offer world-class support services post deployment of the applications.



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