Discover the Utilities Services, Digitally!

Erisn helps utility services to strengthen the grid control, monitor the capabilities, enhance safety, and manage their data assets by helping the businesses analyze their target customer base.
Erisn Software Solutions widely offers a complete software solution for small-to-midsize utilities.

We comply with regulations and avoid monetary penalties with our advanced, data-driven solutions.

Erisn enhances traditional utility design using applications that combine data, software, and process change.

The digital Utility solutions help in system monitoring to assist in analyzing the performance of the computer system.

Our team helps in disk compressors and can help you increase the capacity of your disk by compressing its contents.

Optimize operations with Digital Utilities!

Power technology Solutions
Erisn's platform is engineered with scalability and management in mind to support residential, commercial, and industrial electrical needs.
Water Technology Solutions
Our water utilities management system provides a powerful communication and data management environment for your utility enterprise.
Smart Grid Solutions
Erisn helps in developing software including consulting, solution engineering, and implementation of supervisory control.
Mobile Workforce Management
Erisn streamlines field solutions by automating processes improve worker efficiency and ensure safety standards in the field.
Intelligent Data Management
We enhance data management through a configurable, cloud-based solution that performs data assessments, and governs data quality.

We run all kinds of IT and Software services that vow your success