Why Is Link Building Important For SEO?

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Why Is Link Building Important For SEO?

Over the years, website link building has emerged as a major player in the SEO industry. It is an important aspect that contributes to the search engine ranking that a website receives from prominent search engines like Google. In fact, the benefits of link building go far beyond rankings as it also helps boost traffic to the website and builds credibility among visitors.

Search engines like Google use links to evaluate and rank webpages all over the internet. That is the reason why companies small or large invest in securing links for their websites. They use a wide array of techniques to acquire links that further help obtain higher rankings from search engines.

Despite the changing trends in the SEO industry, link building continues to be a valuable strategy for improving search engine rankings and boosting organic traffic to the website. Here we’ve listed some of the most important things about link building and the top reasons why it continues to be important for SEO.

What is Link Building?

Link building is a decade-old strategy that involves acquiring links from other websites and linking them to your site. Due to the importance of link building in SEO, a majority of SEO service websites use this tactic to generate more visitors and rise above their competitors. With time, the techniques used for link building has changed significantly.

How to Build Links for SEO?

There are numerous techniques that digital marketers use to build links for search engine optimization. When it comes to link building, you can either develop inbound or outbound links.

There are two types of links

Outbound Links

These are the links that connect the content on your website to another. Clicking on these links will direct the visitor to a different site. While using the outbound link building strategy, it is crucial to acquire from authoritative sites. Also, it is equally important to check the relevance of the content on the links as that can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of this strategy. Analyzing the type of outbound links on your competitor’s website will give you an idea about the type of links that work for a particular keyword.

Inbound Links

Inbound link-building involves links that come from other websites to yours. Having high-quality inbound links is important for your SEO strategy. These links are also referred to as backlinks. It is a well-known fact in the SEO community that the websites that feature more backlinks more often than not receive higher rankings from search engines. Building quality backlinks is a time-tested SEO tactic. When other sites use your link for citation, it helps improve the organic ranking of your site and helps it get referral traffic.

Many strategies can be used for securing links, both inbound and outbound. First and foremost, you should focus on the quality of the content that you post on your website. Webpages that feature fresh and good quality content tend to get more links. Secondly, you can use infographics and create short videos on trending topics in your niche to attract the attention of your competitors who then use your links for citation.

Importance of Link Building in SEO

Contrary to common misconception, link building is not dead. In fact, it continues to hold a great deal of importance for businesses, small or large, to reach out to a wider audience and outrank other websites in the same industry. That is why link building is important to your search engine optimization strategy. It helps determine how your website ranks on search engines.

While ranking websites for a particular keyword, Google evaluates the quality of the content and the number of external websites linked to a particular page. The quality and quantity of the links help establish the site’s authority and play a crucial role in determining the rank of the website. The websites that rank highest are the first ones to show on the search engine after a user enters the keywords in the search bar. Websites with higher search engine ranks garner more traffic that helps boost brand awareness among potential customers.

Benefits of Link Building

The proven benefits of link building make it a massive part of SEO strategies. Listed below are some of the ways in which it can benefit your website and business.

Better Traffic

it is one of the most effective ways to drive more traffic to your website. With more online users visiting your website, you can help your business thrive in the competitive digital era.

Brand Visibility

it helps to improve your brand’s visibility by increasing your website’s search engine visibility. This is a great way to reach out to a wider audience in any industry.

Higher Rankings

Websites that receive higher rankings have better conversion rates, web traffic, and are known to be more trusted by online customers.

Domain/Page Authority

This business can also grow its online authority that is crucial for establishing a strong online presence.


Link building is one of the factors that search engines consider while ranking websites. Thus, having a proper link building plan in place is crucial for your site’s success in the digital sphere. You can make use of time-tested link building strategies to improve your website’s organic ranking. Put time, effort, and money to build strong links and help your business grow by becoming more visible online and reach out to potential customers and clients.

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