Top 6 Benefits of Launching a Mobile App for Your WooCommerce Store 

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Top 6 Benefits of Launching a Mobile App for Your WooCommerce Store 

Just imagine a hypothetical situation wherein you cannot control or manage your online store because you don’t have access to your PC or laptop, and all that you have on your Android or iOS phone. Well, situations like these can create a huge fiasco, and the next question that will immediately pop up in your mind is- How can you manage your WooCommerce store on your mobile phone? Situations like these would require your immediate attention and also one thing that can come to your immediate rescue is software. And one such software solution is the WooCommerce mobile app. You can easily manage your WooCommerce store using a smartphone, be it Android or iOS. One of the greatest WooCommerce mobile app advantages is that it offers a quick overview of your WooCommerce business by allowing you to see through your dashboard data, glance through the best-selling products, and look at all the orders by status. For better understanding and comprehension, we have come up with a comprehensive guide that carries information on the benefits of having an app.

Benefits of WooCoomerce Mobile App

1. It’s Highly Portable

Another important WooCommerce mobile app advantage is the flexibility it offers. Thereby, allowing you to oversee and manage your online store with a portable device that can easily fit into your pocket. Unplanned situations and circumstances can be like uninvited guests and you may find yourself in a fix where you might be needed to manage your store, but you could not simply because of lack of access to a PC or your laptop. And it is not even convenient to carry heavy electrical gadgets all around because it takes up too much space. However, mobile phones are pretty handy and easily accessible. You can easily use your phone when you are having lunch or dinner, sitting, or even paragliding in the mountains. After all, there is no end to the possibilities. Therefore, by opting for the WooCommerce mobile app you’re actually making your life and business much easier.

2. Real-Time Checks and Monitoring

Another vital benefit of having an app is that you can easily monitor your store online as you are physically not needed. In fact, proper checks and self-evaluation are the first steps in order to achieve success and recognition. Even the WooCommerce mobile app is designed in a manner that will allow you to easily evaluate the performance of your WooCommerce store by showcasing some important statistical data. Using the WooCommerce mobile app you can also oversee real-time stats of your WooCommerce store, which consists of- WooCommerce sales reports, order counts, and visitor data which can be easily filtered by week, month, and year. Apart from all this, you can also have a look at these reports in an immersive and interactive graphical format just like the WooCommerce reports on your laptop or PC.

3. Supervise and Manage Multiple Stores Together

It is common to see a person owning more than 1 WooCommerce store. And keeping this in mind, the WooCommerce mobile app will allow you to easily manage and supervise more than one store. And you can easily switch between stores. It would not be wrong to say that WooCommerce mobile app has literally made our lives easy.

4. Offers Extensive Offline Support

On one hand, WFH has become new and on the other hand, people keep complaining about Wi-fi related issues. And with all this work keeps on getting hampered. And we even agree with the fact that not everyone has a good and stable internet connection, and you can even miss out on your potential customers. Therefore, WooCommerce mobile app has come up with a solution for the same. Now there is no need for you to have a stable internet connection because WooCommerce also supports offline transactions. For instance, you can easily process an order offline without an internet requirement. In case the internet connection is working perfectly fine, then the program screen may display the viewed pre-loaded sites. Furthermore, people will still visit your site and even browse through your catalog if they don’t have an internet connection. In case the customer tries to enter their credit card information, the data can be easily processed offline using the payment terminal option. And the card type will be detected automatically. It is a 100% safe and secure method because the first and the last 4 digits of the card will be saved to the database. After that, an 8-digit code will be sent to your registered email id. This process will ensure that your credit card number is unsaved on a single computer.

5. Updates Through Push Notifications

Push notification is an application that is not always switched on a device. And due to this reason, customers can miss out on important information. The WooCommerce app builder offers extensive notifications to its customers and also allows them to visit your online store and stay updated. However, mentioned below are some important benefits of enabling push notifications-

  • Push Notifications have a better click-through when compared to other methods including email marketing.
  • Allows users to engage at the right time and also increases the traffic instantly.
  • Using push notifications, you can bring back people to your online store.
  • It also informs customers about various offers, discounts, and price drops.
6. Unexplored Feature of Multilingual Support

There can be a possibility that some people may find it difficult to read and understand English. Therefore, to make things easier for people WooCommerce app builder comes with a comprehensive multilingual support system that is capable of translating almost all the popular regional languages. To add to this, it also offers additional labels, fields, and other important parameters associated with this feature. WooCommerce also offers the mode of preferred language to their target audience. Using this feature, you can easily expand your business at an internal level.


WooCommerce has turned out to be a complete revolution. Moreover, it is highly customizable and is available for free. Also, it offers a plethora of features that can give a massive boost to your online business. In case you are not able to spend thousands of dollars on developing an app for your WooCommerce store, the perfect choice could be a WooCommerce app builder. It is a highly scalable platform and will help your business grow. ErisnTech can help you build your WooCommerce app. With the best mobile applications, you can easily achieve your business goals. Furthermore, mobile-based applications are very important and they play an integral role in enhancing the overall consumer experience.

Final Words

Whether you want to offer web design services or are planning to create an online clothes store, eCommerce has the potential to go beyond all the latest trends. In fact, the majority of large-scale companies and well-established firms are leading the eCommerce race with this phenomenal and cutting-edge technology, so you must thrive to use this technology to properly meet the needs of the company. If you are planning to integrate any of these technologies into your eCommerce business, you can connect with ErisnTech and take your business to new heights.

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